Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fear of Flying

By Lisabet Sarai


It would have been much faster to fly.

Alas, Cecily Harrowsmith—special agent for Her Majesty the Queen, expert in the martial arts of three continents, past mistress of princes, potentates and the occasional prime minister—was afraid of flying. She despised herself for this weakness, but not enough to board one of the Empire’s sleek, viridium-powered airships, strap herself into her seat and hope for the best.

Hence the current tedious journey. Cecily peered out of the window of her carriage at the endless expanse of russet-coloured desert stretching in all directions. The mere sight of all that sand was enough to make her throat burn. She sipped her tepid tea, wondering for the twentieth time why she’d accepted this bloody assignment.


Thus begins my most recent release, Rajasthani Moon, a book that deliberately defies categorization. It contains elements of the steam punk and paranormal sub-genres, plus quite a lot of moderately extreme BDSM and a M/F/M ménage. It features a kick-ass Rubenesque heroine, a billionaire Rajah and a sexy, deliciously disreputable bandit. It flirts with non-consensual fantasies and lesbian attraction. It has some funny moments, not infrequently associated with sex. Oh, and it's a romance, with what I hope is a sublimely satisfying happy ending (although I won't tell you who ends up with whom!)

Writing this book involved taking risks. I've observed how readers cling to their favorite genres. I'm breaking rules right and left with this novel. Will the market embrace my mash-up? Or will readers run away in droves, terrified of the unfamiliar?

Producing the same sort of stories, again and again, can be comfortable. It may help sales, too. To grow as authors, though, we have to leave safety behind. We must step out onto that high pinnacle of creativity and let go, defying the fear that we'll plummet ignominiously to the ground. We have to get over our fear of flying.

Rajasthani Moon is like nothing I've written before. Well, that's not strictly true. Like most of my books, it has plenty of erotic content. What I mean is that I've never felt so free as I did writing this book. I gave myself permission to follow my imagination, no matter how wild its suggestions. I found this difficult at first. The further I ventured out onto my self-constructed limb, though, the easier I found the process.

The result? Well, I'm pleased with it. I have no idea what other people will think. But I won't worry. That's out of my control.

And Cecily? She conquers her fear, too, eventually.

(Rated R)

The passenger compartment was about ten feet long. Its walls were chest height. A canopy shaded one end, including the brass and quartz crystal control panel. The other was open to the sky, though the gas bag a dozen feet above them shielded them from the most direct rays of the sun. She was not surprised to discover that the floor was covered by multiple layers of intricately-patterned carpets and strewn with fat, multi-hued pillows. The Rajasthanis seemed to have little use for furniture.

Amir busied himself at the controls while Pratan lounged on the cushions, looking rakish and indolent. “Come here, Cecily,” he ordered. “Sometimes the take-off is a bit bumpy.”

Her heartbeat accelerated and her palms started to sweat at this reminder of what lay ahead. She gave him a sharp look. She could have sworn he was suppressing a chuckle.

Nevertheless, she reclined beside him, as he’d instructed. He slipped his arm around her shoulder and held her tight against his chest. His strength reassured her, but she still felt as though her stomach was turning somersaults.

A low frequency vibration hummed under them as Amir started the engine.

“Here we go,” called the Rajah. “Prepare to lift off.”

“Kiss me,” said Pratan. He took possession of her mouth without waiting for her acquiescence.

Amir released the tethers binding the dirigible to the roof. They retracted into their housings with a snap and the gondola swayed in reaction, springing upward a few feet. Cecily’s heart climbed into her throat. She gritted her teeth against sudden nausea. Pratan’s agile tongue wormed its way between her lips, urging her to relax and open, and the spell passed. Meanwhile, his hands wandered over her body, pulling her loose clothing out of the way so that he could stroke her breasts and belly.

His scent enveloped her, sandalwood and smoke superimposed on animal musk. The wolf had not returned since their encounter on Mount Abu, but Pratan still smelt like something feral. He burrowed into her, sucking on her tongue and nibbling her lips, while his fingers teased her nipples into hungry knots. Cecily moaned as the pleasure mounted. She lay back, cradled in the nest of cushions, and allowed him free access.


Rajasthani Moon is available now from Total-E-Bound, where you can download direct to your Kindle or other e-reader. You can also buy it at Amazon, Amazon UK  and All Romance Ebooks. Oh, and if you like things hot, you can find a more explicit excerpt (the book is rated five flames) at

I'll be doing a GoddessFish tour for the book from June 10 through the 21st, with different excerpts at every stop. The grand prize is $50 bookstore gift certificate. I'll also be choosing one person who comments at each stop to receive an ebook from my back list.

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Lisabet Sarai became addicted to words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – nearly fifty single author titles, plus dozens of short stories in various erotic anthologies, including the Lambda winner Where the Girls Are and the IPPIE Best Erotic Book of 2011, Carnal Machines. Her gay scifi erotic romance Quarantine won a Rainbow Awards 2012 Honorable Mention.

Lisabet has more degrees than anyone would ever need, from prestigious educational institutions who would no doubt be deeply embarrassed by her chosen genre. She has traveled widely and currently lives in Southeast Asia with her indulgent husband and two exceptional felines, where she pursues an alternative career that is completely unrelated to her creative writing.

For more information about Lisabet and her writing, visit her website ( or her blog Beyond Romance (


Catherine Lee said...

I don't worry about sticking with particular genres. I'm happy to read "experimental" books or things that cross genre lines. AND, I love the sound of a kick-ass Rubenesque heroine!
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Naomi Bellina said...

What Catherine said. I don't like being boxed into a particular genre either and I think readers are open to whatever mix reads well. Oooo, how fun, I'm touring with Goddess Fish this month also. Maybe we'll pass each other on the way!

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited for this release--we need more genre-blending in life!


Debby said...

I would love to read this one. I get bored with the same thing all the time and like to switch to something new and different.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Temple Cameron said...

I was going to make myself organize my home office today. No telling how many hours that will take. Then I checked my email and had to check out your blog on litergasm, then I checked out a link and then another link and here I am leaving a comment. When I finish I am going to purchase the book and read all afternoon!!!!! A much better way to spend a Sunday don't you think?

Jennifer Wilck said...

Love the cover!

Natasha D said...

Sounds like a great read!!
Thanks for the chance to win!
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Michelle Levan said...

I've been looking for some variety in my reading! Keep mixing it up!

Urb said...

I'm currently in a very deep genre rut. Rajasthani Moon will help free me from my prison! Thank you!
brendurbanist at gmail dot com

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Everyone!

Sorry not to be around during the party, but as some of you know, I live in a weird time zone. It's Monday morning here already, and I'm off to work. But I really appreciate your comments.

Temple - I've always wanted to be an irresistible distraction...!

I'll draw the winner on Tuesday morning (my time).

Have fun!

Shadow said...

Congrats on your release! Sounds awesome!! I love it! Sounds so good! Thanks!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello again! I've drawn my winner (thanks to - it's Jennifer! Please get in touch with me, since you didn't leave an email address.

Thanks to everyone who commented. Remember, my blog tour starts next Monday the 10th. If you liked the excerpt here, you can read a whole lot more during the tour - and win daily prizes!