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Contemporary Romance: California Homecoming Arrives 6/24!

Pregnant and alone, Sarah Ladina wants to regain her independence and do what’s best for her soon-to-be-born baby, but buying a run-down Victorian for an inn wasn’t her brightest idea. An inability to cook or fix a leaky faucet will make the job even harder. When a friendly golden retriever, disabled vet, and potential cook show up on the first day, she knows her life is going to get a lot more complicated.

After returning from duty in the Middle East wounded in both body and spirit, Hunter Evans is in search of employment and a home. Finding a job has been tough and housing doesn’t come cheap in Costanoa, the town that he loves most on the California Coast. His prosthetic leg allows him to run, but keeps him from his childhood passion, surfing.

Ghosts from their pasts haunt them. Sarah’s Victorian is Hunter’s childhood home. A dusty box of letters hidden in a closet hint of a long-ago affair. When her ex tries to get back into her life and her doctor orders modified bed rest, Sarah wonders if she’ll ever be able to stand on her own. With a low-level job and a transient motel for a home, Hunter isn’t sure life is worth living.

Spring is coming in Costanoa and love is in the air. With the help of good friends, Sarah and Hunter may be able to get beyond the painful past and complicated present to find the love and respect they want and deserve.
                                                          * * *
Two issues confronting the United States right now sparked the idea for California Homecoming. With the great numbers of wounded veterans coming home, looking for work, and not always able to get the treatment they deserve, I knew I wanted the hero of the book to be a disabled veteran trying to regain his footing. As I wrote about Hunter, I knew he had to stand for everything that was right about the brave young men and women of our military.

The second issue is more controversial — the great debate about children — born and unborn. I’ve known women in Sarah’s situation, women who have become accidently pregnant and who must make adjustments in their lives. I’ve been a single mother with a full-time job in Corporate America. Fortunately, the company and the boss I worked for gave me a great deal of flexibility and for that I’m grateful. With Sarah, I tried to build a character that had to face the decisions and challenges of an unanticipated pregnancy.
                                                         * * *
"California Homecoming is a sweet, satisfying read about two wounded people learning to love again."
~ Debra Holland, New York Times bestselling author
                                                         * * *
California Homecoming comes out on June 24. Stop by the blog after 11:30 am EDT for an excerpt!

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Jennifer Wilck said...

Definitely adding this to my TBR pile. Good luck!

Casey Dawes said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Debby said...

This does sound amazing. There are so many things facing us today. My daughter is an amputee and she has benefited by the new research.
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Casey Dawes said...

Thank you, Debby. I hope your daughter is doing well!