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Riding the Edge (Giveaway & Adult Content) - Sara Brookes

EPIC Award Finalist for Best Erotica Book 2013

One of my favorite things to write is m/m/f erotic romance. I've never been able to nail down a reason why I love writing menage relationships, but the dynamic three people can share with one another is certainly fascinating. 

The triad relationshp in Ragged Edge is certainly no exception. Well, at least once Erin gets over her initial hesitations about coming between the men. 

Check out how persuasive Cade is with her in the beginning...

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Adult Content & Language Ahead

An Excerpt From: RAGGED EDGE
Copyright © SARA BROOKES, 2011 
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc. 


“It soothes a man’s soul to know the woman he cares for is safe and secure.”

She blinked in surprise at his statement. “You’ve known me for two weeks.”

“We’ve all gotten to know each other quite a bit recently. Spent a lot of time together. I can care about what happens to you as a friend.” When she started to open her mouth to protest, Cade stepped closer and tightened his hold.

“Fine. How about ‘the woman he’d like to bed’. Or with Dalton’s crude flair for language—I want to bury myself in your pussy so I can find out if you’re as hot and tight as I think you are. Is that better?”

Despite the images that had plagued her for most of the day, she reminded Cade of her words at the restaurant. She needed that bit of sanity. “I already said I’m not sure if I could handle two men.”

“What about one?” Erin sucked in a breath as Cade pushed his chiseled body against hers. She opened her mouth to voice her concern, but his thumb skimmed over her jaw. His fingers fit under her chin and he lifted her face to his.

His eyes burned with genuine heat.

Of course, you twit, Dalton just jerked him off. It was a vivid reminder she had no idea what she was getting herself into. “Cade, I’m sorry. Dalton just…I just watched—”

The pad of his thumb caressed over her lips and caused her to stop mid-sentence. The touch made something deep inside her clutch and she swallowed hard. A silent chant started in her mind about how wrong this was because she’d sworn to protect herself and her heart. Getting involved with them was just bad form.

“We haven’t made it a secret that we want you, Erin. Unlike you, we’re not afraid of what we feel. There’s something here and you damn well know it. Stop being afraid and just enjoy what’s before you.”

“I’m not afraid,” she retorted.

“You are,” he answered slowly, studying her face intently as he did. “You’re afraid to lose your heart again.”

She cursed his ability to know that about her in such a short amount of time. “Don’t you realize how crazy this is? I just watched Dalton jerk you off. Now you’re trying to seduce me. In truth, I think we’re all a little insane here.”

“I think you’re glossing over one important fact—you watched. You didn’t look away, you didn’t yell for us to stop. You watched every single moment and loved the hell out of it. Didn’t you?”

His lips traced her face, pressing faint kisses to her eyelids, the apples of her cheeks, the tip of her nose. Light flutters of kisses against her skin that made her shiver and tugged at those defensive walls she’d erected. He brushed his lips against hers with the lightest of touches as they traveled down to her chin and traced the line of her jaw all the way to her ear.

Her breath hitched. Her heart slammed painfully as his mouth came to rest over hers once again with the barest contact. A whisper of breath separating them. “And for the record, now I’m seducing you.”

His tongue skimmed over the seam of her lips and as she gasped in surprise, his mouth angled over hers. That skillful tongue of his slid between her lips, making a careful, slow circuit in her mouth. His hands moved to cradle her jaw, his thumbs tracing over the very places his mouth had just mapped.

Despite her earlier protests, she responded as her body convinced her she could do this. The only thing to stop this was her head. These men weren’t Billy. They’d never given her any sort of promise, but she knew they didn’t possess the types of personalities that would turn their backs simply because a better piece of ass came along.

Cade kissed away those worries, replacing them with blinding need. It gave weight to the images that seemed imprinted on her brain and made arousal a painful throb in her veins. Her nipples tightened, pushing against the tight fabric of the corset that kept her breasts bound.

He broke the kiss and stepped back just as her body was about to win the war. With several feet between them now, he grinned and tipped his hat toward her. “Now that we’ve settled that matter, you let me know when you want to watch again. I’m sure we’ll be more than happy to oblige.”

She stared, stunned, as he shut the door and left.

5 Stars “...more than just a simple D/s or ménage story. It’s a journey of self-discovery, learning to trust and surrender to the unknown.”
~ Tracey, Goodreads

4.5 Stars “Hot from the very beginning, this book takes you on a fascinating trip into the world of submission. You are shown the true beauty and emotional bonding of a D/s relationship. Incredibly well written, Ragged Edge is about so much more than just BDSM.”
~ Moonflower, Whipped Cream

Dalton is no stranger to hitting rock bottom. He’s worked hard to turn his life around. Now he has a quiet life, a successful business and a no-strings-attached arrangement for sex with Kincade. Everything is just as it should be. Then a late-night rendezvous is interrupted by a sexy newcomer, and Dalton realizes something is missing.

Caught up in the intense passion the men share, Erin finds herself fighting her desire to run or to get between these two hard bodies. She’s convinced her attraction is wrong. However, a little persuasion from both Dalton and Cade convinces her she belongs with and between them.

Erin’s surrender becomes Dalton’s reawakening. A BDSM master, Dalton is in his element wielding command, and soon the threesome fill their nights with mind-blowing pleasure. But when a piece of Dalton’s past resurfaces, it threatens the very foundation he’s built and could put him back at the bottom.

Warning: Contains gay sex on the seat of a motorcycle with the town sheriff, a mind-bending trip into subspace, voyeuristic blow jobs, two subs who willingly kneel before their master and lots and lots of ménage sex in a secret room tucked away behind a motorcycle shop. 
Vroom, vroom.


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Very interesting read!

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Hmm intriguing excerpt. Left her hanging.
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Great excerpt!

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Thanks for stopping by, Mary Jo and Jennifer!

Isn't just a like a sexy man to leave a woman hanging, Debby?

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Oh! I want to read this one so badly!!! Sounds awesomely fantastic! lol Love the cover too! The guys embracing is hot! :D Thank you for an awesome giveaway!!