Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ennara and the Fallen Druid Exclusive Excerpt #2

For Goddess Fish Readers only, here’s another never-before seen excerpt of Ennara and the Fallen Druid. In this short scene, I mention the race known as goblins and how they’ve affected the personal history of one of my main characters, Gevin Zoric.

“How old are you, Gevin?”

“Thirteen, sir.”

“A little young to be working on a trade vessel?”

“Too young to enlist in the Royal Navy, too old for the orphanage, sir. An apprenticeship is all I can do at the moment.” The boy looked down. “While I am at it, I may as well see a bit of the world.”

“I see. Where are you from?”

Gevin straightened, pushing his chest out slightly. “The Ataraxian Archipelago, sir. But I’ve been on the Cissonius three years, sir.”

Tork studied his face. “The Ataraxian Archipelago. Beautiful islands.”

“Yes, sir.” Gevin arranged the tea, food, and plates on the table.

“It is a shame what happened to the island nation of Dagny. Invasion by goblins….” The wizard shook his head and gazed quietly at the boy.

The boy’s face fell.

“Well, there’s no need dwelling on the past.” Tork stood and brushed off a sleeve.

“I’ll go back.” A look of steely determination settled in Gevin’s eyes.


“Someday, I’ll go back and claim what is rightfully mine. And then my people can return.”

The wizard smirked. “You’re the son of Sava Zoric, aren’t you? I’d recognize that red hair anywhere.”

The boy blushed and nodded.

“Doubtless you will do precisely that. Your land, and your chieftainship, will be there when you are ready to fight for it.”


Angela Myron is the author of the middle grade fantasy series Ennara and a stack of technical manuals on everything from nonlinear editing to data encryption. She lives in Whittier, California, with her husband and their twins.

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Great excerpt!

Angela Myron said...

Thanks Debby & Jennifer!

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I already like Gevin so much!