Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ennara and the Fallen Druid Exclusive Excerpt #3

For Goddess Fish Readers only, here’s another never-before seen excerpt of Ennara and the Fallen Druid.  In this scene, we get a glimpse of Ennara’s caul abilities to protect the ship on dangerous seas.

Ennara had never sat for mind training with Tork. She fidgeted on the pillow. She didn’t expect to feel nervous when it came to practicing with the wizard. She tried to calm herself by concentrating on her surroundings.
“This is the Druidic way of Nature Talking. It can be used to speak to wind, water, earth, vegetation, even celestial bodies. First, focus on your breath to clear away distractions.”
He closed his eyes first. The girl did the same and felt her breath rising and falling like the waves. She relaxed into the sensation of inhaling as the ship rose on a crest, exhaling as the ship fell in a trough. The wizard’s voice continued in the background. He told her to imagine the ocean and feel the swell, currents, even the individual droplets of water surrounding the boat. His voice faded as she continued feeling her surroundings through her breathing. Rising, falling. Rising, falling. Her mind was filled with the ocean; the ocean was her mind.
Somewhere in the depths below, an octopus released a plume of ink. The stain spread, darkening her vision. She remembered their flight to Dordonne and the shadowy realm they had entered for safety through the night. The terrifying inky darkness surrounded her. The shadespawn approached, its ember eyes searching, searching, until it would find a human heart.
Ennara struggled against the memory, her chest tightened. The carrack heaved and swayed. She heard distant shouts above deck. The crew ran to and fro.
“What’s happening?” Kithe said.
“Rogue wave,” Tork said, “Ennara, concentrate on the water and steady your breath.”

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Angela Myron is the author of the middle grade fantasy series Ennara and a stack of technical manuals on everything from nonlinear editing to data encryption. She lives in Whittier, California, with her husband and their twins.

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Sounds great!

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Angela Myron said...

Thanks Debby, Jennifer and Wanda!

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