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Wind River Refuge

     She’d planned to ride the short distance from the football stadium back to the school with Garrett. The coach had arranged for several college scouts to meet his star defensive player. Halftime strategies and post -game interviews preoccupied Garrett, and he didn’t have time for her. “Go back on the bus with the other cheerleaders. I’ll meet you there.”
     “I will just wait for you.”
     Unaccustomed to having his dictates ignored or challenged, their small disagreement escalated to a huge battle of wills, culminating in an argument that turned heads. His annoyance and subsequent response gave her pause. He was downright frightening when his temper got the better of him!

     A deep, guttural growl penetrated her beleaguered mind, and rudely yanked her back to the present. Cindy didn’t hold out much hope of making it out of the mountains until dawn shed light on the treacherous terrain. Then somehow, she would make him pay.
     Something was moving in the black void, and getting close enough that she could smell its hot breath! Her family had lived here long enough that she was aware of the dangers of hypothermia, but she was heedless of the warning bells clanging in the recesses of her mind. “Get up, Cindy. Protect yourself!” Her body would no longer respond to the urgent dictates of her fading cognition. She never made it until dawn. By morning her spirit had already moved on from her earthly form. In her last prayer to God, she asked for help to stop her murderer before he could hurt another hapless soul.

     Justice moves slowly. It appears God doesn’t move any faster, but in his defense he is a pretty busy deity. It required a great deal of time and preparation to grant Cindy’s prayer.

Review by: Joan Adamak on Nov. 23, 2013 : 5 Stars on Amazon, not rated on
By J.M. Anton
Loaded with action, danger and romance
This novel is a page turner from beginning to end. Jax is the beautiful, petite, fiery foster daughter of Maggie and Dex McBride. Dex’s Cousin, Garrett McBride is to pick Jax up at the Denver airport. Garrett is a large, handsome, strong male, although suffering from PTSD as a Nam Vet. He becomes angry quickly and has little patience and he meets his counterpart in Jax. From the very first, there is a continual friction and admiration between these two, but neither wants to admit this weakness. Their on-again, off-again romance heightens the danger for Jax as there is a murderer on the loose, whom no one can identify and it is only through attempts on Jax’s life that this becomes obvious.
The author does a tremendous task of character building with her several actors in this story so that you feel you know each main character thoroughly, and this plot is different than most plots because of this particular essence of danger always lingering.
I highly enjoyed this story and recommend it. I was given this e-book free for an honest review.

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