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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  from Genie Gabriel 
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When Mitch returned from his run the next morning, Angelina and Abraham were waiting for him. Actually, they were hiding behind the curtains in the dining room watching him. After his shower, they lurked behind the suit of armor in the hallway. As he descended the stairs and strode to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, they followed, a few steps and a giggle behind. They searched the floor all around him, whispering to each other. 

Their game, whatever it was, seemed harmless enough, so Mitch went about his routine check of the security system. 

As Mitch settled in the parlor with another cup of coffee, Angelina approached him. “Wanna play Go Fish?” 

Why not? Mitch thought. Soon he discovered the twins had their own rules, such as the dog and the cat could be a match because one of the dog cards was missing. 

After Mitch lost four rounds because he couldn’t keep up with the changing rules, he suggested they play something else, like checkers. Once again, it became apparent the twins had their own ideas about how to play. As a team, they took the black checkers against Mitch’s red. They each insisted on a turn, which meant the black moved twice for each single time Mitch moved. When Mitch teasingly protested, Abraham almost dissolved into tears because he didn’t want to be left out. Angelina resolved that issue by insisting the fuzzy blue bear could be Mitch’s partner. 

Happy once again, the twins chattered more than any other four-year-olds Mitch had heard, mostly about angels. 

“Do angels watch television?” Abraham asked. 

Mitch realized the little boy’s question was directed to him. “Um, I’m sure they have more channels than cable.” 

“Mommy only lets us watch ‘Sesame Street’,” Angelina stated. 

Looking into the children’s eyes, Mitch realized they were testing him, and he wasn’t sure he knew the answers. “Oscar the Grouch is my favorite character.” 

“He’s okay.” Angelina continued to stare at Mitch. “I’d rather be Big Bird.” 

“Oscar doesn’t have big muscles like you do,” Abraham said. “Do you beat up bad guys?” 

Mitch paused in moving a checker. Where had they gotten that idea? Could they see into his past? “Not unless I have to.” 

“Would you beat up our dad?” Abraham asked. 

“He’s not nice,” Angelina added. 

A loaded question, Mitch thought. Beating the crap out of their old man was just what he had in mind. But however much these kids might be afraid of their father now, they could grow to hate a man who hurt him. Mitch didn’t like the turn of this conversation. Children shouldn’t worry about violent parents or beating people up. 

He glanced around for Julia, hoping for guidance to this tricky question. Unfortunately, she had answered the telephone. He was on his own with this one. “I don’t beat anyone up unless there’s no other choice. Now, whose turn is it?” 


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E.L. F. said...

Sounds like those kids would definitely keep a person on his or her toes! Thanks for the excerpt.

Catherine Lee said...

It's funny picturing Mitch playing these kids' games with the changing rules.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

KyBunnies said...

Hi Genie, I hope your not surprised to hear I had to read this book. All I can say is OH MY! Did you really have to keep me from my sleep. I started and was going to transfer to my Kindle. Forget that I sat at my computer reading until I finished. I honestly do not think you could write a book I would not read. Love all of it.

Suzie & Bunnies

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, E.L.F.! (Love that online ID, by the way!) I've known a few kids like this. :) Thanks for stopping by!


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, Catherine! One of my grandsons is especially adept at trying to change the rules of games to suit his desire to win. :)


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, Suzie! So glad I could keep you up all night. LOL! And I'm delighted you'll be one of the blog hosts for my Book Blast Tour this coming Thursday. I love to visit you and the bunnies!