Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Peek at Always and Forever Love

Here's another look into the life of Lacey Aegar, a woman who has chosen to live with her ghost husband.

“He seemed well intentioned.”

Lacey felt the soothing tonic of Nicholas flow through her. “Good morning. I don’t want to talk about Jackson Carter.”
He smiled and kept silent.

It had been two years—two years after his death—since her husband, Nicholas, had first come to her, appearing by her side at a time when she needed him so much her heart cried out loud in agony over his absence.

She’d worn the grief of his untimely death like a mantle, she knew, but it was useless to pretend otherwise. But determined not to leave her son essentially alone, as her mother had at her father’s death, Lacey had let the changes in her life and the death of dreams launch a new career. She’d left journalism and gone into the private investigating business with her sister. It was a move she never regretted, but the day the bad guys she and Sterling were up against kidnapped Tyler had turned her mantle of grief into a nearly unbearable weight, as she faced the possible loss of her son. Miraculously, the cosmic forces had somehow, inexplicably, brought her Nicholas back to her.

His gentleness and vibrant personality were there, just as before, before he died. His physical body had substance, like a human body, but he’d passed over. Things were different after, after he returned, but not in ways that mattered. His kisses and hugs and touches were full of love and emotion. His thoughts, though, and the way he related to her, reflected his experience of dying and becoming not an angel but an enlightened person. There was nothing creepy or unnatural about him—in fact the opposite. Nicholas was naturally and fully beautiful and cared only about showing her love, though his idea of love meant something broader than she’d ever experienced before with another person. It didn't include lovemaking, because that wasn’t an aspect of his enlightened body. For Nicholas, love was supporting her and holding her in his expanded love, not satisfying a sexual need of his own. He was complete. It was wonderful and at the same time unnerving, because she sensed he was only here to encourage her to forget about him.

Nonetheless, it was Nicholas who’d helped her survive the ordeal. And he’d promised to stay as long as she wanted him.

Stay tuned for more about Lacey and her life with Nicholas...

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Catherine Lee said...

HMMM...I'm not really a ghost believer. They're great for stories--including romances--but not real life!
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