Sunday, December 8, 2013


A Shadow on Merrimack River is an involving thriller that in its Italian edition has had very good reviews from literary critics. The story of this book is very particular, because I decided to translate it in English after I got in touch with my school friends I didn't hear for more than 40 years. They told me that  Brown Avenue
buildings, including the church of St. Francis as well as the school of St. Francis where we studied, had been demolished to enlarge the airport area. So I thought it would be nice for who had loved that place like I did to read a book set there, full of descriptions of how the place was before and of natural landscapes. Last november two of my friends came to Italy and ours was the longest hug you could ever imagine. I'll try to download a video where I explain the book story as well as my literary career. I hope you'll enjoy. If you want to get in touch with me you can write to

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