Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just in time for Cyber Monday - $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Greetings Fishers!

My name is H. A. Somerled and I am so pleased you have come to party with the authors from Books to Go Now.  Knowing a few of the authors personally, I can tell you that we are a rowdy bunch.

How much do you like thrilling adventures?

Mysteries that keep you guessing?

 Kick ass female protagonists?

Who doesn't?

Do you watch Bond Movies, Person of Interest, The Blacklist, and Sherlock?

 Are you struggling with the fact that most of these shows are on hiatus
until after the holidays?

Does your heart yearn to bridge the gap before you see Benedict Cumberbatch's stellar cheekbones, intense grey eyes and hear his snide smart-ass comments again?

  Well do I have a book for you!  

     Angel's Code is a rambunctious, thrilling romp through the seedy world of cyber crime in the streets of London.  The story revolves around Danny Murray and his introduction into the hacker lifestyle.
Danny - a young, bored web design student at Birkbeck College - dreams of becoming more than just an IT guy.  He wants to make a mark on the world, and releases a prank virus, attracting the attention of internationally renown hacker, “The Fallen Angel.”
Angel agrees to teach the young Danny the ways of the hacker, but his online skills are not the ones in need of refining.
     The only setback Danny has is his older brother, Oliver Murray, who has just been promoted head inspector of the cyber crime division for London’s Metropolitan Police.  Oliver feels it is his main duty to keep Danny away from the mysterious, and dangerous Angel.
However, when the tables are turned and Oliver is the one in need of rescuing, will the skills Danny learned from Angel be enough to save his brother from Cyber Terrorist Ahmed Eid?

Here's a taste:

  With a shaking hand, Johnson gave Oliver the file.  Oliver snatched it from Johnson, flipped open the file and read the report.  He barely noticed that a hush had fallen over the room, as he read.  Oliver scanned through the technical jargon and halted when he read the suspect’s name, Danny Murray - his brother.
“Shit,” Oliver said under his breath.  “Bring him in for questioning.”
“Yes, sir,” Johnson snapped to attention.  “I’ll mobilize a team right away.”  
Oliver turned around in his chair and stared out the window.  “Damn it, Danny. What have you done?”

It's the first in the series, and don't worry, the second, Angel's Betrayal, will be out soon.

So how can I get this masterpiece, you ask?  I spent all my money on discounted animated talking grumpy cats on Black Friday and they didn't even come with batteries!

My friend you are in luck!

I am giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon!  All you have to do is leave a comment, and by random a winner will be chosen after the party (which ends at 9pm EST).

And if you don't win, but still really want a copy of Angel's Code you can find it on:

Thank you for attending the party, and HUGE THANK YOU to Goddess Fish Promotions, you throw one heck of a party!

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H. A. Somerled lives in the Missoula, Montana area. After an uneventful tour in the U.S. Navy, she followed her passions and enrolled in Culinary School. She graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art and has also completed a writing course from the Long Ridge Writer's Group.  This is her first published work.
She has two dogs, a puggle named Fritter and a pug named Flapjack.  She considers herself lucky to be single and claims she's half the age she really is.


Melinda Campbell said...

Thanks so much for sharing! =D

cloud.weaver.girl AT gmail DOT com

Maggie J said...

Sounds good,

Sandra de Helen said...

My own books feature a female Sherlock Holmes, so I'm excited to read yours. Sounds right up my alley!

elaing8 said...

This sounds really good. Thanks for sharing the snippet.

Danica Winters said...

Love it! :)

Robin C. Greene said...

The book sounds great!

Catherine Lee said...

Animated talking grumpy cats? Where'd you get them? I NEED one! LOL.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

H. A. Somerled said...

And the winner is, Catherine! I will be contacting you by email. Thank you all!

Catherine Lee said...

Whoo Hoot! Thanks so much!

H. A. Somerled said...

Maggie, I put you into the $15 Barnes and Noble draw and you won. Please reply in the next 24 hours to claim your card.