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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  from Genie Gabriel 
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You might know the type-- A guy who accidentally hits a stray dog while driving and ends up adopting him. The man who builds a rose trellis for a friend in the pouring rain. A former bodyguard who couldn't stop his wife's killer but becomes the protector of an abused woman and her four-year-old twins.

Meet Mitch Garrison, the hero of my latest print release, UNLIKELY ANGEL. 

Mitch doesn't consider himself an angel. In fact, he wonders if his quest for revenge against his wife's killer might condemn him to Hell. Until two preschool children come into his life, thinking he is the angel they requested to help their mom.

Here's an excerpt from UNLIKELY ANGEL, where the twins are still deciding if Mitch is, indeed, the angel they asked for.


After breakfast, Mitch helped Julia clear the table. His wordless insistence quieted her protests, although she still watched him carefully. 

The twins also watched Mitch with intense interest, but for reasons of their own. 

Angelina drew herself up to her full height, barely above Mitch’s kneecaps, and tugged at the leg of his pants. “How come you’re so big?” 

Mitch stared down at the little blonde cherub with her pudgy fingers firmly attached to his pant leg. She watched him matter-of-factly, with one eyebrow cocked and her mouth pursed in a thoughtful frown. 

“Why is your hair so long?” she asked, without waiting for an answer to her first question. “Who are you?” 

Her long, silky hair was the same sun-kissed white-blonde Mitch’s had been as a child. The same color his own children might have had if Charlene hadn’t been killed. 

Mitch squatted down to Angelina’s level, ignoring the painful constricting of his heart by focusing on the innocence in the little girl’s eyes. “I’m so big because I ate my vegetables when I was a boy. My hair is long because I don’t cut it. And I’m Mitch Garrison, protector of little boys and girls.” 

Where did that comment come from? Mitch wondered, but the child didn’t seem to think it odd. She stared at him for a moment, then reached out and yanked at a hunk of his hair. 


You can buy UNLIKELY ANGEL from, where the ebook version (under the title, THE BODYGUARD) is also on sale for just 99 cents! For more excerpts, information about this book and others I've written, as well as buy links, please visit my web site at <>.


Catherine Lee said...

Sometimes I don't read stories with kids...the kids become an afterthought or a distraction. I think it's a fine line for an author.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, Catherine! I've always been around kids of many ages--even when I was a kid myself. So they naturally become an integral part of my stories, as do pets. In fact, it's harder for me to write stories that don't include kids and pets. LOL! Glad you could stop by!