Sunday, December 1, 2013

Closure - Angela Ford - Giveaway - Signed Paperback

Closure. The story is about an elite group within San Francisco’s FBI, known as the ISTF (Internet Security Task Force) who are focused on fast-working online predators. These predators hunt their prey through online explicit chat. Online predators are extremely dangerous; the internet has given them the power and the control. With three murdered teens, Special Agent Jessica Resario is compelled to save the fourth potential victim, only to put her own life into the hands of a serial killer. To escape the danger, she retreats to her family beach home only to deal with old ghosts and hidden secrets of the past. Will Jess find closure in her own life and make that arrest?
With many arrests and tremendous educational support to help stop Internet Predators…there are thousands more stalking the chat lines. Education and Communication are the keys to help stop this abuse. Get involved and Talk…in your community…in your child’s school…attend a cyber-safety seminar…or simply click your mouse to search for Internet Safety Tips.
At a time of the year that we are asked what we are thankful for…remember to be thankful for the many professionals out there desperately trying to keep your children safe. I am thankful for their education and relentless hard-work. I praise them for their devotion with a topic that is horrifying. 
2013 has been an amazing journey with the release of Closure. I am blessed to have amazing kids, family and friends that have been so supportive along this journey. I am also thankful for my readers and always love to hear from you. You can reach me through my website

Ange J

Angela Ford works for Public Education and lives in Ontario, Canada with her two children. Being a mom has always filled her home with teenagers - her social network mentors. Angela is passionate about education. She has been dedicated and involved with cyber safety seminars. Her community involvement has given her an Award of Distinction. The quiet moments she does find allows her to plot to intrigue her readers. She is a member of the RWA and an avid reader of Romance.
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