Sunday, December 8, 2013

Finding time to do it all ~ Giveaway

The holiday season is upon us and I’m faced with the same dilemma—how am I going to get everything done? On top of my normal everyday life tasks, I’m suddenly responsible for baking, decorating, shopping, wrapping, parties and a gazillion other chores I wouldn’t normally have to do. So, how do I find time to do it all?
Simple. I don’t.
I’ve accepted that unless I forgo sleep or quality time with my family, I can’t fit it all in. I used to feel bad about that. Not anymore. Now, I’ve embraced the beauty of delegating. That’s right. Beginning a few days before Black Friday, I make a list and share the wonderful joys of getting ready for the holidays with my family.
The kids become responsible for decorating. The husband gets a detailed list of who, where and when he needs to chauffeur our children so they meet all their appointments. Family baking days are scheduled and shopping trips are coordinated. Of course, I end up picking up everything else and it doesn’t all get done but that’s okay. Those missed chores weren’t that important in the first place.
Family, friends and enjoying our time together matter the most.
I hope everyone finds time to enjoy the important things this holiday season too.
Andif want a chance at my giveaway ($25 gift card or a copy of my debut, Unexpected Find) here’s the link…

Unexpected Find
Nancy Corrigan

Royal Pride, Book 1
Since the murder of her best friend, Jazz is stuck in a safe but lonely way of life. She’s willing to sacrifice everything to keep her family safe from the shifter world. The sexy stranger who struts into her friend’s bar changes everything. From the first glance Jazz knows she’s sunk—their chemistry sizzles from across the room, it’ll be undeniable up close.
Rafe wants Jazz from the second he sets eyes on her. The depth of the need that swamps him every time he’s near her surprises him. It takes every last ounce of his self-control not to pounce on Jazz and make her his. Only her distrust of his shifter nature holds him back. He counts it as a win every time his beloved human gives in to their passion and takes him to her bed. But Rafe’s patience isn’t infinite and he’ll do whatever it takes, face any danger—past or present—to ensure that Jazz becomes his. Forever.


Catherine Lee said...

I'm like you...FORGET about doing it all. Some women seem to be under so much pressure, especially around this time of the year.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Nancy Corrigan said...

Exactly, Catherine. Life flies by too fast. I want to enjoy it now, not wonder why it was more important to get those cards in the mail than to sit with my kids and read. :)