Sunday, January 5, 2014

UNTANGLE MY HEART - Top 10 Reasons to Read

Today, I'm sharing the Top 10 reasons for reading my new contemporary romance, Untangle My Heart.

Can she break free from the past and risk her heart to a man least likely to do forever? 

1.      Fiery-tempered heroine. Kate DiFrancesco is an Italian with a lot of emotional baggage. She’s loyal to her family and willing to do anything to help them out. She hides her painful past behind smart-ass comments but her bark is harsher than her bite.
2.      Reformed British playboy. Edward Weston is a hero with a somewhat disreputable past. He’s six-feet of lean, sexy male who looks equally good wearing an Armani suit or jeans and a sweater. He sees right through Kate’s tough girl fa├žade and is determined to help her despite her own stubbornness. He is equally frustrated and enthralled by her.
3.      Second Chances. I’m a sucker for a reunion trope. Lovers who were separated and must overcome various obstacles before they realize they’re meant to be together.
4.     Family dynamics. I spent a lot of time establishing strong family relationships. 
5.      Italian heritage. Kate’s from a family of loud-talking, hand-gesturing Italians. A family where everyone gets hugged and kissed. Where food is a guest at every family gathering and where there’s always at least two or more simultaneous conversations.
6.      Friendship. You’ll meet Kate’s two BFFs, Meghan and Karen. These friends helped Kate through a tough period in her life and are her soul-sisters.
7.      The Food. There's an abundance of mouth-watering Italian cuisine. Learn about a traditional Italian celebration, Vigilia di Natale or Vigil of the Nativity. Otherwise known as The Feast of the Seven Fishes.
8.      Lucas Black. He’s the orphan Kate befriends and is the cutest boy ever. One of my favorite scenes in the book is the cookie baking scene with Kate. There are elements of baking cookies with my own son in this scene.
9.      Suspense. Danger from Kate’s past lurks which causes her life and those around her to be in jeopardy. She’ll need to untangle herself from the past in order to break the hardened shell around her heart.
10.  Nick DiFrancesco. Once you read UntangleMy Heart hopefully you’ll understand why. He’s the oldest DiFrancesco son and positively yummy. 

I hope you'll enjoy an excerpt from Untangle My Heart:

“Privacy is a hard thing to find around here, so you may want to lock the door. Especially when you’re wearing only a towel and my sister is on the prowl.”

“I’ll have to remember that,” Edward said, taking a step toward her. “I knew she was smitten, but didn’t think she would be waiting in the room after my shower. I was struggling with a tactful way of getting her out.”

“I’m sure you’re not accustomed to asking a woman to leave your room.”

He gave her an unapologetic grin. “No, usually not.”

“I guess it’s partly my fault. I told her I don’t have any claims to you. Apparently she took that to mean it was open season to pursue you.”

“Yet you stopped by. Why?”

“I wanted to thank you again for your help today. You dropped everything to come and help my family and that means a lot to me.”

He took another step toward her until he stood directly in front of her. “You mean a lot to me. I’d do anything I could to help you.”

She nodded in acknowledgement, not sure she could trust her voice to speak with him all but touching her.

“And you’re wrong about not having a claim on me.”

His hands found their way to her waist. Her heart thumped and she knew she should pull back, wanted to pull back. But his blue-gray eyes held her in a hypnotic state and she couldn’t move.

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Mia Lansford said...

Awesome scene Maria. I'm already falling for you hero.

RE Mullins said...

Your excerpt is as spicy as a meatball! Hot Italian meets cold Brit has to mean plenty of sparks.

Anonymous said...

Those are some great reasons to read Untangle My Heart, Maria. I definitely understand #10. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Those are some great reasons to read Untangle My Heart, Maria. I definitely understand #10. Yum.

Cathy Lee said...

I come from an Italian family so I'm sure much will be familiar!
capefearlibn at gmail dot com

RoseAnn DeFranco said...

I can attest to the Yummy Nick factor! Loved Untangle My Heart. Lots of heat and food. How can you go wrong?