Sunday, January 5, 2014

A short time later, I make use of a small carving implement and begin making my own mark in the dark ivory. The Erian Star, my families crest without the scroll script identifier. Like points on a compass off kilter, it is my greatest comfort, yet my potential revelation. Would he know it?

Time would tell.

~Through the Oracle's Mist, Aedan Byrnes

How do we recognize our future? Do we wait for some sign that speaks to us? Follow our gut? See with eyes or heart on these matters? Whatever it is, do you have faith in the guidance that you follow or do you merely flounder? Through the Oracle's Mist is a journey of faith and belief in what is and what could be if we are willing to make it happen.

Through the Oracle's Mist is the first book of the Vengelys series, setting the scene and backstory, without the weariness of being backstory. It is also the tale of a fierce woman. Many have spoken to me about how they've fallen for Tynan or one of the Vengelys brothers, which is grand. TtOM is about an incredible woman though too and I hope that reader's will find her to be compelling and a driving motivation for how they go forward after they meet her. It is a quote to introduce the Vengelys in the book, but it is a statement moreover about Cyrenna,

Fate leads him who follows, and drags him that resists. ~Plutarch
What is fate doing for you?

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joni stevens said...

I'm a follower of fate I try not to resist it it never ends well when I do. I'm enamored by Cyrenna to have the courage and strength to follow your heart and not be discouraged or scared to go down an uncertain path. That is truly courageous and strong willed. I do ponder where her fate will lead her in Warriors Watchtower and what she will be compelled to do next.