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HIS WICKED DREAM: Secrets and Schemes (Part 2)

Behind the Scenes of
Book 2, Velvet Lies Series
by Adrienne deWolfe

Read my earlier true confessions about HIS WICKED DREAM, 1-5, here.


Eden is my first red-headed heroine.  She looks absolutely nothing like me, but of all the heroines whom I’ve written, her personality is more like mine than any other.  In fact, Eden is SO like me, I got a little squeamish about having to face my Dark Side to write her.  I’ll never forget the day my Critique Group told me Eden was too "nice," and I had to give her flaws.  I whined, “But I don’t HAVE any flaws!”  (My Critique Group laughed hysterically.)


My absolute favorite character in this book is Eden’s crabby, 75-year-old spinster aunt, Claudia Ann Collier. Aunt Claudia is a hoot:  she wears a coonskin cap; she smokes a corncob pipe; and she carries a shotgun wherever she goes.  During the Independence Day Jamboree, (my fave scene), she hijacks the Kissing Booth from the younger, prettier belles and uses her shotgun to bully all the bachelors into making donations to the orphanage.  (Watch this site for an excerpt that features Aunt Claudia's hijinks.  It will post later today!)


One day, shortly after my book was released in paperback, I got this crazy idea that I wanted to see HIS WICKED DREAM published in hardback.  At the time, I didn’t think that a hardback was possible because I wasn’t a bestseller.  However, I’m a firm believer in the UniversaI Law of Attraction. (I’ve written reams about the Universal Law of Attraction.  Learn more here.)  So, just for fun, I started practicing Creative Visualization, imagining my book as a hardback.  About six weeks later, my Avon editor called to congratulate me.  Apparently, Doubleday selected the paperback version of HIS WICKED DREAM as a Book of the Month.  And Doubleday re-publishes its paperback Books of the Month – yep – in hardback! 


I'm so in love with Vanderbilt (aka, Vandy Vanderbilt Vandal, the raccoon,) that I gave him a pivotal role in two scenes in Sera's book, SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL. Vandy also returns in DEVIL IN TEXAS (Cass's book.)  Hmm.  I wonder why my animal characters always seem to be rescuing my human characters. 


HIS WICKED DREAM is my fifth book, and yet there are lots of “firsts” associated with this story.  Michael is my first Alpha Hero.  Eden is my first red-headed heroine.  Their story became my first hardback novel AND my first Doubleday Book of the Month.  The pièce de résistance?  HIS WICKED DREAM features my first shot-gun wedding.  (Oops!  Was that a spoiler?)  

Don’t miss my next post later today on this Goddess Fish website:  you’ll get a sneak peek of Aunt Claudia in the Kissing Booth!


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