Sunday, January 5, 2014

UNTANGLE MY HEART - Meet The Heroine

Thanks for coming back. I hope you've enjoyed what I've shared about my new contemporary romance, Untangle My Heart, now available for Kindle and in print.

Next, I'll share more about my heroine. Kate DiFrancesco is a fiery-tempered Italian who often speaks before she thinks. She had a three-week fling with the hero, who she expected would be returning, permanently, to his home in jolly ol' England. Imagine her surprise when he moves to New York City and is now one of her bosses.

Physical Characteristics: Long, auburn, wavy hair. 5'4", brown eyes.
Age: 34
Primary Strength: Determination
Fatal Flaw: Independence
3 Things Value Most in Life: Family, honesty, integrity
Fettish: shoes. She fancies 4" heels of all colors (red is her favorite) and types
Pet peeve about the hero: his lack of reaction to her outbursts
What scares her most about the hero: falling in love with Mr. Wrong only to find out he's Mr. Right

Here's an excerpt describing Kate, written from the hero's point of view.
Kate moved through the main dining room, examining every inch with her critical eyes. Skintight jeans hugged the sweetest ass he’d ever seen—and touched. The emerald green sweater fit snug to her narrow waist and revealed enough cleavage to remind him of the perfect breasts beneath. Then there were the red suede boots. The heels added a good four inches to her height and did all kinds of things to arouse his libido. She’d left her hair natural and it framed her face in a tumble of auburn curls, which he knew often drove her crazy, but made her appear wild and delectable. At least to him. He scowled and dragged his gaze away from her to the pad. Get a bloody grip.
Up next...stop by for an insider view of Untangle My Heart's hero, Edward Weston.

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Mia Lansford said...

Hello Maria,
My big question is did you do a character profile before writing? Or is this all compiled from your character after the draft is down. It's mighty impressive.

Cathy Lee said...

I always wanted auburn hair. Mine has always been mousy brown!
capefearlibn at gmail dot com

Tina Gabrielle said...

I do love your hero. And who doesn't like a smart, independent heroine!

Maria K. Alexander said...

Hi Mia. I did a char profile before writing the book. Some of this I did have to tweak, as it changed by the final product.

Maria K. Alexander said...

Hi Cathy. I experimented with reddish highlights intermixed with my brown/blonde hair. It never really took that great so now I mix in brown with the blonde. I'm too chicken to make any drastic changes. Thanks for stopping by!

Maria K. Alexander said...

Hi Tina. I'm very independent and driven and tend to make my heroines as such. Thanks for commenting!

RoseAnn DeFranco said...

I wish I could cook like Kate, eat like Kate and still look as good as Kate!