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Giveaway! The Nun and the Narc

Giveaway! The Nun and the Narc

Recently released in print format, inspirational romantic suspense novel The Nun and the Narc has garnered some fantastic reviews from bloggers and reviewers. Here’s what readers are saying about this debut book by Catherine Castle.

·         This book kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. Then I wished the story could be continued. A very good read.

·         The Nun and the Narc is a fast read that kept me starting "just one more" chapter when I should have been stopping for the night.

·         I lost no less than 8 hours of sleep reading this book (over 2 nights) - precious hours of sleep I will never get back - but it was worth it. I truly enjoyed this Christian fiction title, which has a plot unlike any I've read or could have imagined.

·         I would definitely recommend this novel by Catherine! It reminded me, just a little bit, of a MacGuyver story (one of my favorite television shows) not that it was gadget oriented, but in that it had that type of feeling. It was a fun read.

·         This book was adorable. Sister Margaret Mary O'Connor may be the coolest nun ever. She uses her wits, her faith, a frying pan, and even a fork (no, really) to outwit the bad guys, and the reader can't help but love every second of it.

·         Catherine Castle gives us an inspirational tale with a definite twist. She packs Maggie and Jed's story with as much romance, danger, intrigue, and conflict as a reader could want and polishes it off with characters you root for and won't soon forget. If you are looking for something a little different in the romance genre, look no farther than The Nun and the Narc. 

·         Romance, intrigue, danger, and inspiration all rolled into a neat package that made for an enjoyable read.

·         Set in drug-ridden sectors of Mexico, this is a story of what happens when life threatening circumstances force a woman of faith to do what is necessary even when the actions are beyond her religious beliefs. …the author's artful skill resolves the varying conflicts for a very satisfying ending.

·         The Nun and the Narc is a fast-paced adventure set against the backdrop of the narcotics trade in a poor country where the bad guys really do run everything. …Castle's writing is smooth and polished, and the plot, one familiar, still moves in surprising ways.

One autographed print copy of The Nun and the Narc will be awarded to a randomly drawn commenter (U.S. commenter only) from this post and the other two posts by Catherine Castle appearing on the 1/5/14 Pavilion Party. Email address must be provided in order to be eligible to enter the drawing. Thanks for stopping by today and good luck.

The Nun and the Narc

Where novice Sister Margaret Mary goes, trouble follows. When she barges into a drug deal the local Mexican drug lord captures her. To escape she must depend on undercover DEA agent Jed Bond. Jed’s attitude toward her is exasperating, but when she finds herself inexplicable attracted to him he becomes more dangerous than the men who have captured them, because he is making her doubt her decision to take her final vows. Escape back to the nunnery is imperative, but life at the convent, if she can still take her final vows, will never be the same.

Nuns shouldn’t look, talk, act, or kiss like Sister Margaret Mary O’Connor—at least that’s what Jed Bond thinks. She hampers his escape plans with her compulsiveness and compassion and in the process makes Jed question his own beliefs. After years of walling up his emotions in an attempt to become the best agent possible, Sister Margaret is crumbling Jed’s defenses and opening his heart. To lure her away from the church would be unforgivable—to lose her unbearable.

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