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Essence is a contemporary romance novel set in St. Augustine, Florida, at a luxury spa by the same name (Essence). This is an enemies to lovers story, where the heroine and the hero are fighting over a piece of property they both want. Both protagonists have been burned by love and through their pursuit of the property that adjoins Essence and their interaction with each other, they begin to heal old wounds and learn to love again. This is a fun, sexy romance you won’t want to miss … especially if you need to escape the cold winter blues!

Interested in the scenery at the luxury spa Essence? Read an excerpt to find out:

Essence Excerpt:
All Haven Jameson knew for sure was that she loved this place and she wouldn’t let someone come in and steal her business away by building a junk yard or a high-rise hotel-casino next door or adding a boardwalk with a carnival.

Hell, no.

Haven would fight for every granule of sand on that beach to keep that from happening. “I’ll go visit Imogen this afternoon. See what I can do to influence her decision. You know I’m irresistible when I choose to be.”

Sally crossed the room. “Honey, don’t I just know it. The way men have always swarmed around you your entire life. Blondes do have more fun. And when I look up the definition of irresistible on Wikipedia, I see your picture. But, we all know you’re more than a pretty face. All anyone has to do is look at Essence to see you’re also a brilliant businesswoman. You’ve created something really special here, Haven.”

Haven nodded in silent agreement.

From the doorway, Sally gave Haven a considering look. “We’ve been through a lot together over the years. Your determination and sheer stubbornness is part of your success. So if anyone can persuade Madam Carmichael to change her mind, it’s you, my dear.”

Haven rolled her eyes. “All right. Go, you. There are clients to take care of.” She glanced down at the clipboard. “So this one’s a pro golfer? Ugh.”

“Yepper.” Sally turned, one hand on the doorframe, then looked back at her, a sly assessing expression on her face. “It’ll expand your horizons.”

“Boring is more like it. If you had to give me an athlete, why couldn’t you give me that major league baseball player last week? He was hot, and seriously sweet.”

Sally chuckled. “You’d eat sweet, darling. Besides, sweet won’t stick or make you forget Miles.”

“Harrumph.” Haven scowled at Sally. “What about the oil tycoon who blew in on Wednesday. I liked him.”

“Again, he was a player. And you don’t play. He’d never stand two minutes against you. You’d call him out like you were reading his moves from an official playbook. No hesitation. Then we’d lose a wealthy, satisfied customer. Although, I gotta say he was a sizzler.” Sally groaned. “And possessed the body of a tricked-out celebrity.”

They both sighed.

Haven held the clipboard to her chest. “I love the scenery at Essence.”

“Yeah, me, too,” Sally said dreamily. “Believe me, Pace Daniels is anything but boring or sweet. Don’t let the golfer moniker fool you. Give him a chance. I think he’s interesting. You’ll see. And you weren’t ready for the Hawks’ pitcher last week or the oil magnate from Texas.” She smiled. “But I think you’re ready now.” With those ominous words, Sally disappeared.

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Essence is available today at Amazon & at Soul Mate Publishing.


Cathy Lee said...

Well, I do love Jill Shalvis...and Marie Astor.
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Mackenzie Lucas said...

Thanks for commenting, Cathy Lee. You win the Jill Shalvis book. Send me a physical address to mail the signed copy of the book. My email is: mackenzielucas(dot)writer(at)gmail(dot)com. I'll drop it in the mail tomorrow for you!

Thanks for being the first to comment. And I have not read Marie Astor, but I'm going to look her up now! I love to read contemporary romance. I'll add her to my kindle list.