Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Hourglass Excerpt ~ Enter Giveaway

Welcome to post two for The Hourglass, a novel of romantic women's fiction.

Our story begins when Brenda McAllister rolls out of bed and, still sleepy, leaves her hotel room and rushes through the lobby for an early morning lattee. She slams right into an arrogant bestselling author, CJ Morrison, and not only spills coffee all over him, but also the very important contract he carries. CJ is furious and let's her know. Then this happens...

 Excerpt from Chapter One:

An unexpected gravitational pull swelled Brenda’s anger. Her cute quip ran into hiding. She no longer cared about winning this man’s favor. His rudeness left her feeling as if she’d been doused with hot coffee this time. Brenda clenched her fists. A year of internal browbeating over Jack’s suicide had left her easily irritated.

Brenda gripped the frail edges of her self-control. “I once again offer my apologies for the accident, by definition an unplanned event with lack of intent.” He looked down his sturdy, Grecian nose at her, so she stood and put her hands on her hips. “Shouldn’t you, as a writer, know that?”

Every line on his face tensed. “I could do without your sarcasm.” He leaned closer. “Thanks to you, I missed my meeting. Maybe tomorrow morning you could get room service.”

The brunette unleashed a tight smirk. CJ motioned for them to move on.

Brenda fumbled for a good retort. As he stepped away, the last word went with him. The same way Jack had the last word in their life together. A silent explosion went off inside Brenda’s head and propelled her anger forward.

“Mr. Morrison?” She raised her voice to be heard above the crowd.

He looked over his shoulder and arched a questioning eyebrow.

Brenda crossed her arms and fixed a phony smile as she nodded toward his companion. “It’s so nice of you to bring your daughter to the conference.”
* * *
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Kim said...

That excerpt sounds interesting. I have to go find the first post and also find the book description now.

SharonStruth said...

Hi Kim. Just go to and it'll give you more.
Sorry about that.

Debby said...

Great parting comment.
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SharonStruth said...

Thanks, Debby!