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A dazzling new talent debuts with a mysterious duel of suspense and of the heart.  Cameron's charismatic characters and fast-paced plot blend flawlessly for a hard-won happily ever after."

                                                                                ~Award winning  Regency author Regina Jeffers
I'd like to introduce you to Yvette Stapleton and Ewan McTavish, the heroine and hero of Highlander's Hope. Here's a short character interview. Enjoy!
Yvette, why did you flee Boston, MA and return to England?
I suffered a severe riding accident in December and my father and stepmother died three weeks afterward. The circumstances were suspicious. My stepbrother had been trying to court me. Naturally, I rebuffed his efforts. Though ‘tis not illegal for stepsiblings to marry, I’d simply no romantic interest in him. He was attracted to Papa’s wealth a great deal more than me. He tried to abduct me twice. The second time, some of my staff and guards were injured and killed. It was then I knew I had to flee Boston.  
This question is for Yvette, as well. We’ve noticed you seem to have a penchant for naming your pets after Greek or Roman God’s. All their names begin with the letter A as well. Why?
I was quite a romantic as a young child, and so adored reading about Roman and Greek mythology. Aphrodite, my mare—she died as a result of my riding accident—was a gift to me on my twelfth birthday. My spaniels, Apollo and Artemis, I found huddled and abandoned in a shopkeeper’s doorway as tiny pups. They were so pathetic, I simply had to name them something noble. I had a pet dove when I was quite young. Her name was Aurora.    
Ewan, with the duel titles of Laird of Craiglocky and Viscount Sethwick, why did you also take on the role of an agent in the Diplomatic Corps?
I have a dear friend who is the Secretary of War. Prinny ordered him to assemble an elite group of men with specialized skills for covert operations and missions. When my friend asked me to be a part of the troupe, I couldn’t refuse him. Besides, England wasn’t faring all that well in the early wars against Napoleon’s French Empire. And we’d a spy in our midst at the War Office. My specialty is ousting spies.  
Ewan, you have a rather large number of relatives that reside at Craiglocky Keep. Can you tell us about them?
I do indeed. My mother married my father’s best friend, Hugh Ferguson. He is also the steward of Craiglocky. They had four children together. I have three younger sisters, Adaira, Isobel, and Seonaid, and a younger brother, Dugall. Hugh’s sister and brother-in-law drowned when their ship sank nearly five-and-ten years ago. Their two children, Aubry and Callum, came to live with us. Callum married a year ago and his bride, Lilias, and their new-born daughter also reside at the keep. Finally, my paternal uncle, Duncan, his wife Kita, and my two gargantuan cousins, Gregor and Alasdair, live there too.
This question is for both of you. When did you first know you loved the other?
Yvette captivated me from our very first dance at her cousin’s wedding reception. But it was when she toppled into my lap in the carriage the day I rescued her from the docks that I knew I felt something powerful for her.  
I think I first started to love Ewan when he talked of his family. He obviously adored them. He risked his life, more than once, to keep me safe and that stirred something in me. I didn’t admit, even to myself, I loved him until I was abducted and thought I was going to die.    



Anonymous said...

Loved how the characters are interviewed. Gives a deeper perspective to the story and adds intrigue...I'm pulling this to the top of my TBR stack.

Wished I'd seen this yesterday when the Collette Camerone was featured. Oh well, found it today!

Debby said...

I love interviews like this. Very nicely done.
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