Sunday, May 5, 2013


Sometimes love gets a helping hand from unexpected sources, as in this excerpt from "No More Poodle Skirts."


Maddie added one last brush stroke to the words, "Hawk's Haven," beside an image of Father Jacobs in his Superhawk suit. Nearby, a small green elfenchaun fluttered on the mural, and a painted little dog that looked strikingly like Mr. Razzles sat on the ground watching them through his goggles.
The sign mural that would be attached to the side of the homeless shelter was finished!
The parents and children standing around began to clap and cheer. 
Little Jonathan began to clap also--until he spotted the paints, momentarily unwatched while everyone else celebrated. With a mischievous grin, Jonathan dipped his hands into the paint and ran toward Maddie, adding his colorful handprints to the other paint splatters on the shirt that had been white at the start of the project. 
Though surprised at first, Maddie quickly began to laugh. Encouraged, Jonathan ran to others, patting his hands on their paint shirts. 
When he reached Daphne, she bent down to say something to him and he struck--leaving handprints on her chest. 
"Oh!" Startled, Daphne straightened up as Jonathan ran toward his daddy, who had been trying to catch him. 
Brenner stared at the handprints on Daphne's breasts. His mouth dropped open. "I--ah..."
Jonathan squirmed in his dad's suddenly loosened grasp and ran across the yard, giggling once again.
In slow motion, Brenner closed the distance between himself and Daphne. "I might as well do something I really need to apologize for."
He dipped his hands in the paint, slipped his arms around her and gripped her derriere, lifting her slightly so his mouth fit perfectly over hers. When he released her to once again chase after his son, the perfect prints of his paint-covered hands branded her backside. And Daphne stood, stunned, her fingertips resting lightly against her lips.
With this excerpt, I'll say goodnight. Just remember to leave a comment, and you'll be entered in a drawing to win two other romantic comedy novellas in ebook format or a $10 gift certificate to or Powell's Books. 

I hope you all enjoyed the party!

-Genie Gabriel


Debby said...

Kids do indeed do the darnedest things. Funny
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Kim said...

:) Funny.

M_Nark said...

HAHAHA!!! Hand prints in great places. Love.