Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beacon of Love by Allie Boniface - The First Kiss!

A reader who had just picked up Beacon of Love told me last week, "I was reading this while I was on the elliptical trainer at the gym and all of a sudden I was going faster and faster because of all the tension between Sophie and Lucas. I couldn't wait for them to get together!"

Awww......well, yes, there IS a lot of tension (sexual and otherwise) between my hero and heroine, because what's a happy ending without some struggles getting there? I won't give away too much, but here's a sneak peek at the first time these two kiss:

Facing him, she ran her fingers down the doorframe. “Kind of a sad place, don’t you think?” But the softening of her mouth and the look in her eyes didn’t suggest sadness. Her pupils darkened, and if he hadn’t been so out of practice with reading women, he would have sworn desire was slipping through her mind the same damn way it was slipping through his.

From where he stood, there was a foot or two between them. If he took one step, there would be less than that. She’d be within arms’ reach, that cute curvy figure and the hair he wanted to loosen from its headband and let fall around his fingers as he pulled her close.

Lucas stopped the thoughts. Two people working together shouldn’t get involved. He’d heard that advice more times than he could remember.

“Mm hmm. Kind of sad.” He took one step. She took the other.

“Lucas, listen. We-- I mean I usually don’t--“ she began, but instead of putting distance between them, she rose up on her tiptoes to meet him.

The rest of her words disappeared inside his mouth. He had no control, zero, willpower straight out the window, the minute she softened against him. Her lips parted, and she sighed into his mouth, the smallest sound that turned him hard in a second. He caught her chin with one hand and pulled her to him, and it was like he had never kissed anyone before, the way he wanted her, his tongue inside her and his hands making their way down to her wrists, to her waist, pulling her close as he tasted more. Wanted more. His mouth moved to her neck, to the skin at the base of her throat, and she sighed as he nipped at her flesh.

“Sophie.” He breathed the word. One hand slipped the strap of her sleeve to her elbow, then did the same with her bra, and all he could think of was tasting what lay beneath it. Silk. Bare skin. Warmth and maybe the tang of her soap, and--

Someone cleared a throat behind them...

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