Sunday, May 5, 2013

"S.R. Howen weaves a wonderful and rich story unlike any I’ve read before... [I] wholeheartedly recommend to any that love stories of mysticism, romance, and mystery..."
AP Massie, 4.5 drops
"I would suggest this book to everyone. It is entertaining, and thought provoking in a positive and enlightening way."
Colleen Bratley, 5 stars
Medicine Man is a fantastic portrayal of Native American rituals. Although the story is a fiction, the author has done considerable research into ancient Native American customs and current hospital procedures. The language is superb and the seamless transfer across time zones keeps one on their toes. The story, itself, keeps the reader wondering at the outcome. A must read for those who love spirituality, romance, time travel and suspense.

Husein Taherbhai, 5 stars

S.R. Howen is an excellent book editor, and her talent doesn't stop there. Her novel "The Chief of All Time: Medicine Man 1" is creatively written. This novel will draw you in and keep you wanting more. Can't wait for her next one.

Roy Patten, 5 stars

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Great reviews. They help when making a purchase.
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