Sunday, May 5, 2013


Sometimes romance hits a few bumps--or meets a few frogs--along the way. Such as Daphne's experience in this excerpt from "No More Poodle Skirts," my romantic comedy novella from A MAY DAY ANTHOLOGY.


Daphne was home before nine, without even a kiss at the door.
"How did your date go?" Maddie asked cautiously.
"Another frog." Daphne walked down the hallway toward her suite of rooms, carrying her shoes. Maddie followed.
"He thought paying for dinner earned him the right to drive out by the sewage treatment plant and watch the submarine races--his words, not mine." 
"You didn't know what that was?"
Daphne shook her head and tossed her broken high heels into the bottom of the closet, where they promptly disappeared. 
"What happened to your shoes?" Maddie asked.
"Horace is testing the cloaking device," Daphne stated as if disappearing items were as common as Ryan testing new recipes. 
"No, I mean before that. Why were the heels broken?"
"One of them broke when I scraped it down Peter the Plumber's shin. The other came off when I was walking home."
"You walked all the way home?" Maddie clenched her fists, prepared to take a pipe wrench to the plumber's tool.
"No. Devon and his mother gave me a ride home. She seems nice enough. She can't find a guy to suit her either." Daphne stepped out of her pale peach dress and drew a bathrobe around her.
From what Devon said about his mother's partying ways, Maddie figured she wore out men. However, her immediate concern was consoling Daphne. "There must be a man who will appreciate your fine qualities."
"I hope so." Daphne sighed as she settled against the pillows on her bed. "Did the television reappear yet? Or should I read a book?"
Maddie handed her a romance novel and left the room. 


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-Genie Gabriel

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Debby said...

It is sad but there are too many frogs in this world.
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