Sunday, May 5, 2013


It's easy to laugh, right? But is it easy to write something that will make others laugh? 
Well, writing comedy can be tough for me--especially when I make the switch from writing more dramatic stories. That's what happened when I  wrote "No More Poodle Skirts" for A MAY DAY ANTHOLOGY. Hopefully the result is humorous!
Daphne chatted all the way home that evening, excited to be doing something useful and also about meeting an attractive man who seemed interested in her. "J-J and Jonathan's dad is handsome, don't you think?"
"Not in the same league as my Horace, but attractive enough."
The two women laughed. 
"He seemed interested in me, didn't he?" Daphne asked.
"The gaping mouth and the way he clung to your hand when he introduced himself seemed to indicate that."
"Do you think I'm too old for him?"
"He looks about the same age. I'm guessing he didn't have J-J and Jonathan until late in life. Do you want me to find out--"
"Oh, no! I don't want him to think I'm too interested." Daphne giggled. "But I hope he doesn't wait too long to ask me out."
As a dreamy look drifted across her sister's face, Maddie's mind returned to the little black and white dog. Devon was right. She had pretty much decided the dog should become part of the family. She would talk to Horace about it later tonight.
After dinner, Maddie ventured down to Horace's workshop. 
"You missed dinner." She set a plate of food on a side table that was least cluttered with gadgets.
"Not there," Horace cautioned.
Maddie gasped as the plate disappeared. "What happened?"
"The cloaking device works!" Horace clapped his hands together like a delighted child. 
"You're working on a cloaking device? What happened to the jet-pack?"
Horace looked all around the room, then leaned close to Maddie and whispered, "I'll get back to the jet-pack later. More important is hiding my time machine from the military. They want it."


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-Genie Gabriel
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Catherine Lee said...

OK...That's a weird excerpt! I'm a librarian, and we have a regular patron who talks about his time machine, and government conspiracies. I don't think he's built a cloaking device least not that he's told us. LOL.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Debby said...

That is very strange. Sounds perfect though.
debby236 at gmail dot com