Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just Imagine by Dawn Ireland

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“I can be whatever I want to be.” Oscar Hammerstein II gave Leslie Ann Warren that very motivating line in Cinderella. She proceeds to sing about all the terrible trouble her imagination gets her into, and how grateful she is to be back in her own little corner. (She must have been feeling a little pessimistic that day.)

 Imagination is a truly amazing gift. It can take us to places, and allow us to be people, that we’ve yearned for. It will give a lonely child an unseen friend, or a little girl the ability to find the “princess” when she looks in the mirror. It lifts us out of our humdrum, everyday lives, and propels us into a place where anything is possible.

The ability to imagine is what made this country great. In order to invent cars, light bulbs, and computers, you first have to imagine it’s possible.  I’ve often heard it referred to as “thinking outside the box,” but I believe it's more like letting your creative side take flight. I’m a little worried that so many people these days don’t take enough time to use their imagination.  We need to poke at the outside edges of what’s possible in our lives. We are so busy “being busy” that we don’t see any other way to live life.

Now, I’m just as guilty as the next guy. I guess that’s why I enjoy writing.  When I put pen to paper I get to be the characters in my books, feeling that jittery feeling when I first meet Mr. Right, the insecurity of trying to figure out why a man like “him” could to be interested in me, or the devastation that comes with discovering your love has been betrayed. (Okay, I’m beginning to see why Cinderella found that corner so inviting.)

Regardless of how you choose to get lost for a while, reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to music, you won’t regret the “me” time that allows you to regenerate and see your life from a different perspective. Just think, the first step to that “better you” is imagining how your life could actually be better--the rest is just follow-through.
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That is the main reason I read books - to escape somewhere else.
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