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Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman a Regency romance filled with suspense by Wareeze Woodson

Another behind the scenes peek at another of Wareeze Woodson's book. This time the title is Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman.

This book raises strong passions either for it or against it. The posting below gives greater insight to the characters and the book that are not included in the text.

First a letter, then an interview.
Dearest Lady Bromsworth,
Because of my deepest concern for the Laningham family, I write to ask you for the truth of the dreadful incident involving Lady Laurel Laningham. The late Lord Laningham served in the Peninsular you understand.  How sad he succumbed to his wounds leaving a young wife and son behind.  His grieving twin sister nearly went into a decline, or so I heard. All due to that little Corsican upstart, Bonaparte, thinking to fight all of England and our brave soldiers dying by his order.   

 I don’t hold with gossip as you know, but I seek the truth to still the old tabbies’ tongues about the matter. Listening to rumors is a vulgar habit, and I try to always gather the facts of a situation instead. The facts, as I understand them, are incredible, scarcely believable, thus my inquiry.

My butler informed me that dear Lady Laurel Laningham survived when a carriage over turned with her and her little son inside.  She was on her way to Sussex to visit her aunt, or so it was supposed. Tis a great shame what with her being so recently bereaved and so lovely. She is not your average silly, pea-goose, either to undertake such a trip without cause. I asked myself if such could be true, and what with the condition of the roads along with the less than trust-worthy coachmen handling the ribbons, I concluded the account could be accurate.
Alarmed, I sat down at once with pen and paper to hand. He told a tale of a stranger riding off with the young Lord Laningham leaving the widow stranded in an over-turned coach. The tale becomes even more incredible at that point.  You can imagine my horror and concern.

The abductor is rumored to be Lord Gladrey himself, the boy’s own guardian. That cannot be possible. I know Lord Gladrey. He is such a fine gentleman, gracious and always mindful of his family, such a dear, kind gentleman.  If he did take charge of his ward, I’m certain he had a perfectly sound reason for serving Lady Laningham such a turn. It is quite natural for his cousin to appoint Lord Gladrey as guardian to his son. He and the twins are rumored to have been very close.

Please enlighten me of the facts of the situation so I’ll be able to ward off any unwelcome comments from the Ton. I dare say, you are aware of how vicious some of their tongues can become. I am more than willing to promote the proper happenings for dear Lady Laningham’s sake. I anxiously await word from you, a dear friend and neighbor of the family.

Truly Yours,
Lady Pickering

Character Interviews
The reporter swallowed and began the interview for his newspaper, the Tribute
Reporter:   Lord Adron Gladrey, I work for the Tribute. My editor is interested in the happenings involving an over-turned coach. We understand you rode by and took charge of your ward, Lord Laningham. Why at such at time did you ride away with him before you?
 Lord Adron Gladrey:   I felt it necessary to protect my ward. Due to a misunderstanding, I thought he was being taken to France. The war torn country is hardly a safe environment for my ward. I understood, his mother was careless and wouldn’t understand the danger to my ward.
Reporter:   Were you responsible for the accident?
Lord Adron Gladrey:  No indeed! A deep washout in the lane was responsible.
Reporter:  Why didn’t you speak to her about your concerns for the child?
Lord Adron Gladrey:  She left Landings as I arrived back in England. There was no time. I felt the need to rescue my ward before something dreadful happened to him, as it nearly did. The entire incident was merely a misunderstanding. I would appreciate it if you people would let the subject alone.

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