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Alexandra Forry author of Timeless Endings and Wildflower

Hello, I’m Alexandra Forry, Author of Timeless Endings and Wildflower, which have their own Virtual Book Tour that Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing in this month of May. Timeless Endings, May 5 through May 16 and Wildflower May 19 through May 30.  I will be giving away a $15.00 Amazon gift card at the end of my Timeless Endings tour and a $15.00 Barnes and Noble gift card at the end of my Wildflower tour. I hope that you’ll join me on my virtual book tour and let the fun began!  

For this first post of today I will tell you all about how I came up with the idea for Timeless Endings.

Timeless Endings is a fresh twist on the cotemporary romance genre. I always wanted to write a story about a mafia boss and a showgirl, Tony Torino and Evelyn Rosenberg. When Evelyn’s ex-husband, Gus, dies, their daughter Adriane is left to clean out the house with the help of Tony’s son Victor. They discover that the rumored love affair between their parents was true.

Living in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had grown up with all of the stories from family and friends about how the mafia kings and queens were living the high life before greed and envy destroyed them. As I started to dig into my city’s past, I was very intrigued by Tony Spilotro’s reign as the Las Vegas Mafia boss, in the 1970s. He had it all, running the town as he pleases. Then when he could had any woman he wanted in Las Vegas, instead he became romantically involved with a mob associate and a childhood friend Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal’s wife Geri Rosenthal. That was a big no-no to have romance with another man’s wife in the mafia.

This was all at the back of my mind since I was working on another project at the time. One night I was very bored, so I decided to try my hand at writing a Fanfiction to the 1995 movie Casino, a short story on my interpretation of the Nicky and Ginger’s affair.  Then I thought to take it forward a generation and let their children (Ginger’s daughter and Nicky’s son) sift through the intrigue that colored their parents’ lives. I called it, Journey to the Past: A Casino Fanfiction.

I was spending all of my time researching and writing this Fanfiction. All of my family and friends just loved the story.  By then I had three chapters on Fanfiction and a fourth chapter ready to go.  My family felt it should continue in book form.  Journey to the past, no longer described the content of the manuscript, and then I found it!  Omerta affair!  It was the perfect fit for the storyline. Omerta which is the mafia code of silence.

A few months went by, I began to wonder what if I took out the color language and made the story’s main love scene more romancer. With that idea, why not re-name it something that makes woman really want to pick up when they saw it. I re-title it TIMESLESS ENDINGS. What a fabulous experience this has been!  It is a marvelous journey that continues!

Alexandra Forry was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has Cerebral Palsy but that doesn't stop her from doing what she wants! Omerta Affair was her first novel, then she came out with Timeless Endings, which is the same story line as Omerta Affair but aimed as a woman’s romance. Alexandra is currently working on her fourth novel. She enjoys being a member of the Las Vegas Romance Writers as well as RWA. <>

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E.L. F. said...

Congrats on your releases, sounds like they give an interesting twist on the colorful stories of Las Vegas. Good luck on your tours.