Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Excerpt from Wildflower

“Here you go,” Blanche said putting the tray on the table. “I see you all have coffee—would you like me to refill them for you?”
“Yes, and I’ll bet that you are the owner of this restaurant,” commented the woman.
“I am,” Blanche replied.
“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Jennet and with me are Dan, Jake, Bill, and I bet you know Max. We are the owners of some of the business here in Heller Plaza.”
“It’s nice to meet you all. I’m Blanche,” she said handing them their plates of sandwiches.
“Welcome to the neighborhood! Hope your business does great,” Dan told her.
“Thank You,” Blanche smiled at him.
“If Jennet gets on your nerves, don’t worry, that’s just her,” said Bill, who was sitting next to Max.
“I beg your pardon,” Jennet said giving him a look.
“Here we go, again! You’ll get used to Jennet and Bill,” Jake said trying to make a joke.
Blanche looked at Jennet and found her to be a kind of woman who has her nose in everything. For the first time, her eyes met Max’s.
“Hello, Blanche,” Max said.
“How are you, Max?” she asked him.
“Great, how about you?”
“I’m good.” Blanche told him hiding their romantic relationship from these people.
“Would you like to sit down and join us?” Max asked.
“I would love to,” Blanche said moving over to sit in an empty chair next to Max.
“Once a week a few of us get together and discuss the goings on at our businesses,” Max told her.
“Yes, it’s a great way to talk and share our business problems,” Dan added.
“I’ve never heard of that before! What a great idea—a kind of business breakfast club,” Blanche said, remembering the movie.
“That’s a great way to describe us,” Jennet agreed. All of the men chuckled.
 “So what businesses are you people in?” Blanche asked, trying to fit into the group.
“I own the art gallery across the way.” Dan quickly replied.
“I own the jewelry store next to Dan,” Jake added.
“As you know, I’m the owner of Classy and Sassy Day Spa. And all of the gossip that goes on in my shop will make your head spin.” Jennet told Blanche.
“I bet.” Blanche replied thinking wondering if she could survive working in a beauty shop.
“I’ll make sure to stop by all of your shops,” Blanche said looking at Max.
“Yes, I’ll make sure that you get a free hair cut when you do come in,” Jennet said happily.
Blanche sat around listening to Jennet, Dan, Jake, Bill and Max talk shop. She wondered why she was feeling uncomfortable around Max for the first time in their relationship.

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