Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Huge Thanks...And Goodnight!

Marta here again.  I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Goddess Fish for this party today and thanks to all of you as well who've let me share my love of mysteries with you a bit.  Thanks also for participating in my questions and riddles which I posted in order to win a copy of my new mystery, NO HARD FEELINGS.

Here are the answers to the questions in the order they were asked:

1. YYUR, YYUB, ICUR, YY4ME - Congrats to E.L.F. who got it right!  It goes as follows:  Too wise you are, too wise you be, I see you are, too wise for me.

E.L.F. - Please go on to the contact page on my website at, send me your email and the format you prefer for your book.

Harps Romance - Nice try - and for that (and because you like Nancy Drew) I'd like to offer you a copy of NO HARD FEELINGS as well.  Just go to my website and on the contact page, send me your email and the format you'd like the book in.

2.  Mildred Wirt - Congrats to Crystal on getting the right answer.  Crystal, I see you've already contacted me and I'll be sending you a copy of my book NO HARD FEELINGS tomorrow.

3.  The answer here was Seth.

I think that about covers it.  Once again, thanks for letting me participate in this terrific event and for sharing a part of your day with me!

Happy Reading Always,

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