Sunday, May 4, 2014

Anything For Love - new romance novel by Australian author Darry Fraser ... and a giveaway!

Hello from sunny but cool South Australia where all good things happen! Thanks so much to Goddess Fish for hosting, and thanks to the fabulous for publishing my stories.

My latest novel, Anything For Love
features once again the wonderful Australis Island - which very much resembles the island I live on, off the southern coast of South Australia. The magic of the island is its wide open land-and seascapes, rugged and sometimes terrifying, and the wonder of our Australian wildlife, in numbers many will find hard to believe.

Over the years I've been writing, and the most recent years since being published, I marvel at authors who come up with fictional towns set in our modern world in which to set their stories, or their series. I wondered if I could do that - create a space, make it 'live', give its inhabitants histories and families and so on.

So with a bit of handy word processing and LOTS of editing and checking and re-checking, I came up with a number of novels and novellas, which are all single titles, but set on Australis Island, a microcosm of my country, its psyche, its sense of fun and the ridiculous as well as its warmth and generosity. Not to mention the romance of the place, of course.

Way back in Australis Island's early history, five brothers from Europe settled there. And suddenly I had a base from which to launch. The families even have a family tree to which I often have to refer - and I get birthday reminders for characters which when they pop up on my email give me a start - jeepers, whose birthday have I forgotten??

Anything For Love's characters have a unique relationship with the Island in that they don't live on it, but holiday there - separately and unknown to each other until the start of the action. It was fun to write, and sometimes when I revisit the published version, I find it fun to read.

My other full length novel, Money For Blood
takes me to romantic suspense, and my style for this one changes - the scenes are a series of snippets as the story unfolds. You're introduced to characters early and then their dialogue takes you through the rest of the novel.

My two novellas are This Forever Game and Berry Flavours.

This Forever Game explores the what-if for the older woman-younger man scenario and I hope I've given their story credence.

 Berry Flavours is set on a vineyard with a restaurant, and a chef and a cook get together after one of them has run to find a new life on Australis Island.

I also find that great food and wine feature in my stories... and as we speak I feel a snack coming on... anyone for a crisp Island Sauvignon blanc and a bite of marron (fresh water Aussie crayfish)?

Hope to hear from you - drop me a line either here or on my website - where you can check out some short stories. Let me know what novel or novella of mine appeals to you and why - and best comment receives a free e-book of mine, your choice. (Don't forget our time differences - there could be 10 to 16 hours - I will get back to you, but perhaps not straight away). :)


E.L. F. said...

These all sound like intriguing reads, congrats, looks like you have been a very busy author. I am a fan of romantic suspense and I particularly enjoyed your excerpt from "Money for Blood" although all of them look entertaining. I was tempted to shiver after reading about all of that water and wind!

Thank you for the giveaway.

Darry Fraser said...

Hi E.L.F.

Thank you SO much for leaving a comment... if you would like Money for Blood (or one of the others)drop me a line via my website I can provide PDF, mobi and e-reader