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Another glimpse behind the scenes of An Enduring Love

Another letter confiscated by the villain, not in the book.

The Year of Our Lord 1814

My Dearest Husband,

I have not received any word from you since you sailed away from Latvia. I hope you are well. I must write quickly in order to send this to you. There is still a guard at my gate. I feel so desperate and trapped.

With your connection in the government, perhaps you can return and help me travel to England. There will be one added person in need of your assistance, our son. If you cannot come at once, please write. I am most anxious to hear from you.

Never forget my enduring love. Anxiously waiting.

Yours Always,
Rebecca Sudduth

Here is a lovely fact about the author, Wareeze Woodson

First Love

Does it count that I’m still married to my first love? My love came to visit my older sister, drat the luck. He rode up to the house on his horse with graceful competence, one with his mount, tall in the saddle and all the other things written in western romance novels about the hero. Needless to say, I melted with admiration.

I thought he was so cute in his big, cowboy hat. I know he wore clothes, jeans, and boots etc., however, I don’t remember the color of the shirt, but that hat! Wow! To this day, I remember that gray hat set at a slant on his coal black hair. In fact, he still owns that same hat, a bit out of date and hanging in the hallway of our home. Our grandson wears it occasionally. It looks good on him, too.

I’m not positive when he noticed me, but I noticed him, at once. I think my hero thought I was only a child being only thirteen to his mature sixteen. The next time I saw him, he looked a little closer. Finally, he noticed and I noticed back. It didn’t take him long to come around to my way of thinking.

His coal black hair is now peppered with silver, and much to my disgust, he stopped wearing his cowboy hat. He replaced it with a cap.

Four children and eight grandchildren later and we still love each other today. The search for enduring love is true romance, something we discovered together. 

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