Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Excerpt from Timeless Endings

Victor and Adriane drove up the coast in silence. Victor could see that Adriane was still shaken by her memories from last night. He thought about telling her the story of how her mother really died, but it seemed like it wasn’t the right time to tell her.
“Why am I remembering things from my childhood that I previously blocked out?” Adriane wondered.
“Memories can be funny. I think it is amazing how we can recall things that we haven’t thought about in years.”
“You’re so lucky that you had a normal childhood, Vic.”
“What do you mean? My parents had their own bedrooms. They had problems as well as your parents.”
“At last your father didn’t abuse you mother when you were home. I now remember my mother beaten badly and all my father told me was that she was stoned.”
“My mom was a fighter. As for my dad, he was taught not to abuse his family. Look, I know what you are feeling…”
“No, you don’t. If I’d just known, I would have saved my mother.”
“You were very young, Adriane. Don’t beat yourself up.”
“I’m trying not to.  Oh, Vic,” she said with a sigh.
“Do you want to stop and walk on the beach after we see Al?”
“I would love that. Maybe this is a bad idea going back to the past; I know you are thinking the same thing.”
“I know it hurts but we wouldn’t be together if we hadn’t done this.”
“Yeah, Vic I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
“Do you remember when you asked me, when was I going to admit to having my mother’s spirit in me?”
“Well, you’re right. I do have my mother’s spirit.”
“And that same spirit is also the Torino’s men’s weakness,” Victor said laughing as Adriane joined in with him.”
“Did she love me?” Adriane asked.
“I bet, in her own way.”
“I like to think that, after all she did want child custody, but my father had power to stop that... When she was seeing your father she was so happy.”
“Dad once told me that she was his soul mate.” Victor said without thinking.
“I agree. It’s funny how a few days can change your whole life.”

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