Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Rise of the Preppers by Dina Rae

Politics aside, we all can agree the world is a very dangerous place.  Some people prepare for the worst.  TV shows such as National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers and Discovery’s Doomsday Bunkers highlight a segment of society who believes impending doom is near.  In response, they put all of their time and resources into future survival.  The “prepper” label emerges. 
Preppers collect water through cisterns, stock canned food, invest in remote underground living quarters, and practice off-the-grid living.  Their reasons exceed fear, ranging from nuclear war and natural disaster all the way to prophecies of End of Days and New World Order. 
Whatever the belief, they continue to unite, forming their own subculture.  This movement is similar to the ‘70s and ‘80s survivalism, but much more sophisticated in technological advances of supplies, weaponry, and social networking.  They even have their own vernacular.  Here are some of the more popular terms.
BoB: Bug-Out-Bag
Bag packed with necessities when it’s time to take off.  Depending on location, terrain, and weather, the contents vary.  Everyone should have a flashlight, water, lighter, thermal blankets, radios, compass, hard-copy of a map, knife, gun, first aid kit, and cash. (3 days worth is the minimum recommendation) sells them pre-packed.
Zombie Apocalypse: It’s not just a horror novel term.  When people who are infected and/or insane and become a threat.
PSS: Primary Shelter Site
A hideout.  Prepper favorites-a home or trailer in a remote area, underground bunker, a spider hole (very temporary), and a cave 
WROL: Without Rule of Law
No government or law enforcement-Chaos
SHTF: Sh@t Hits the Fan
The moment when a prepper makes the decision to bug out

Those who watch prepper reality TV have seen million dollar bunkers, advanced solar technology, militia sized arsenals, and endless shelves of medical supplies.  Any attempt to prep seems overwhelming.  Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to prepare.  For an interesting read about New World Order and those who prepare, check out The Last Degree at

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