Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friends to lovers fantasy erotic romance: Sex Club Secrets (Adult-rated excerpt)

    SEX CLUB SECRETS is the latest instalment in the erotic GODS OF LOVE series featuring the ancient Greek gods of desire - Pothos, Himeros and Anteros. This erotic romance novella explores a fantasy in which two long-time friends are given a helping hand toward love by Anteros, the ancient god of requited and unrequited love.
    Jennifer says: "I know that a sex club may seem like an unusual setting in which to find romance – or an ancient god for that matter! – but sometimes love can flourish in the most unexpected places!"

Want a taste of this menage a trois fantasy? (adult-rated)

Little snapshots of Ella, flickering through his mind at the most inopportune moments, took his attention away from Will and he began to wonder what it would feel like to sink into her welcoming body instead. What would it be like to have her thin legs wrap themselves around him? Would her thighs hold deceptive strength in their length, just like her fingers? What noises would she make if he bent over her and slipped his tongue along her slit or curled it around her clit? Would she taste like salty passion if he used his mouth to bring her to orgasm? What would be the expression on her face if he lay back and let her ride him as hard or as gently as she liked?
Maybe she’d look something like this. His breath fogged the glass. Oops. Too close. He pulled back a little, not wanting to obscure anything about this tableau playing out in front of him.
The man she was with, the one who seemed to be looking straight at him with that knowing and slightly malicious grin, extended a hand around to tweak one of Ella’s nipples between a powerful finger and thumb. He stretched her out, hard, over and over, as if he were trying to encourage milk from a recalcitrant udder.
Did it hurt? His jaw clenched, even as the thought of white spray streaking out the end of her long pink nipples and decorating the window in front of him sent more blood racing to his dick. But then her mouth parted and her tongue flicked out to moisten her lips. God damn. She was enjoying what was being done to her.
His knees buckled and he sat down hard on one of the bar stools. Dear God. She looks so much sexier than I could ever have imagined.

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Debby said...

Hot excerpt. Thanks for sharing.
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Catherine Lee said...

It is a very sexy excerpt. YUM.
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