Sunday, February 3, 2013

THE DOUBTING HEART - Excerpt & Giveaway

Hi again, I'm back to share an excerpt from my new romantic suspense, The Doubting Heart. 
My husband likes to say that he and I
are the models for the cover. It's true, we
do somewhat resemble Chad & Shelby--
at least we did many years ago!

Shelby didn’t slow down to appreciate the sights and smells of southern New Mexico’s late spring splendor. But the broad, naked back bent over the water trough? Surely she could spare a moment to stop and appreciate that.
She lowered her gaze, allowing it to linger on his hips, admiring the way the faded denim gently hugged the firm, rounded buttocks before falling over what she imagined were strong, powerful thighs. Then he raised his head and she was treated to a glorious view of glistening droplets of water coursing down his back, past where his waist narrowed, to disappear beneath the waistband of his jeans.

Wow! The word reverberated through her mind and her skin glowed warm at the sight. She smiled, bemused by her reaction to the unknown man.

Well, it has been a while and there’s nothing wrong with looking.

He shook his head and turned towards her. The shimmering spray momentarily impeded her view of his face, then the mist fell away and everything began to move in slow motion. Her gut twisted painfully and she gasped for air.

“Hello,” he said, moving towards her, not seeming the least bit self-conscious about finding himself the object of her stare.

It can’t be! Her mind tried to make sense of what she was seeing.

He was taller, heavier—in all the right places—younger. His hair was a darker brown and longer. He was unshaven, an affectation she generally abhorred, but on him the dark stubble added an unexpected measure of sensual intrigue. The line of his chin was stronger, too, and his mouth lacked the self-deprecating smile. But his eyes.… Dark swaths of eyebrow added to their intensity and she couldn’t look away from their penetrating gray stare.

Oh God, he has Michael’s eyes!

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Debby said...

The excerpt sure did pique my interest. Thanks so much for sharing.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Brenda Gayle said...

Thank you Debby. It's good to know.