Sunday, February 3, 2013

Accidental Affair (excerpt 3 - ADULT CONTENT)

            “Jack, stop,” she gasped.  “Please . . . stop.”
            Before the words finished leaving her mouth he kissed her.  Laine’s body betrayed her and she found herself kissing him back.  He was like a narcotic, and her head spun as his tongue explored her mouth and his fingers her breasts.  When he pulled away she was breathless and dizzy.
            “What did you say?” he asked in a teasing voice.
            Laine met his silver gaze, and the tenderness she saw reflected in his eyes brought her up short.  Mindful of his shoulder, she pushed him onto his back and came up onto all fours over him.  They stared at each other for a moment, and then she lowered her head until her lips were no more than a hair’s breadth from his.
            “I said,” she whispered, “stop it . . . some more.”
            He lifted his head and captured her mouth, his kiss stealing what little sense she had left.  Her breasts brushed his chest and electricity shot through her.  A pulsing ache settled between her thighs, and while he was very good with his mouth, Laine needed more.  The thought of having him inside her made her ache.  Unable to stop herself, she reached down and wrapped her fingers around him.  Laine moaned softly as the heat and hardness of him sent desire shivering over her skin and sizzling along every nerve.
            He went still as she straddled him, and when she rubbed herself against him he closed his eyes and growled deep in his throat.  The animal sound only excited her more, and for the first time since meeting him she felt like she was the one in control.  He gripped her waist with his good hand, and when she swiveled her hips and bore down on him he sucked in a breath.  His gaze flew to her face.  She gasped and paused, warm tingles fanning out from where their bodies joined to every part of her.
            Laine started to move, slowly and rhythmically.  The feel of him inside her sent her heart racing as he filled her completely, his hips moving in rhythm with hers.  The tension between her legs intensified and roiled outward, expanding exponentially when he moaned her name.  She closed her eyes and threw her head back.  This was what she had needed.
            “God, you feel good,” he growled.
            She looked at him, but his eyes were closed.  His fingers flexed and relaxed at her waist, and when she started to move faster his grip on her tightened.  He opened his eyes and met her gaze, and she gasped when he drove his hips upward.  A shock of pleasure traveled all the way to her toes.  She froze for a moment, and when she moved again he matched her pace.  With each thrust of his body into hers she felt her climax building.  She was lost in a haze of sensation so complete that when he put a hand behind her neck and pulled her to him she didn’t realize she was moving.  Then he kissed her and everything came back into razor sharp focus.  She gasped as he devoured her, his tongue matching the thrusting of his body.
            Jack was overwhelmed, and the sensation was what he imagined drowning would feel like, only in a good way: hard to breathe, heavy with need, and helpless to stop it.  Never in his life had he imagined the quiet, unassuming doctor would be such a firebrand.  They moved together as if they were perfectly calibrated for each other, though there was nothing mechanical about their lovemaking.  Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through him, and he fought to maintain control.  She was hot and tight and felt so damn good it was hard not to just let go.
            This was the woman from the photos, the woman he’d glimpsed in the cab.  She was sensual, brazen, and unashamed.  He felt her tremble as he buried himself inside her, and then pulled back.  He moved fast and hard, and she buried her face in the crook of his neck.
            “Oh, God . . . Jack . . . .”
            Her muscles began to contract around him, but he couldn’t stop, not now.  “Come with me, Doc,” he whispered in her ear as his fingers wrapped around her hip.  “Come with me.”
            When her orgasm hit he was unprepared for the shock of sensation that exploded inside him.  As she cried out against his neck he gave one final thrust and closed his eyes as a pleasure that was nearly unbearable burst through him like lightning through storm clouds.  He clenched his jaw and wrapped his arm around her, holding her as tightly as he could.  His body shook with the intensity of his climax, and it was several minutes before the last tremor left him and he was able to draw a full breath.  When it did, he lay limp and motionless.  He clung to her, and she to him, both of them panting as if they’d just run a marathon.
            Had Ripley himself walked into the room at that moment, Jack would have been unable to move and quite content to stay where he was.  He could feel Laine’s heart pounding in tandem with his, and at the moment nothing else mattered but her.  He ran his hand up her back, amazed at the silken texture of her skin.  He threaded his fingers into her hair and sifted through the riotous strands.  Yep, the rest of her was just as soft as her neck.
            Laine didn’t move.  She couldn’t have if she’d wanted to, and she didn’t want to.  It felt so right, being with Jack.  In fact, she hadn’t felt this right since before Nick’s death.  The sensation of his fingers in her hair was pleasant and familiar, and she closed her eyes with a sigh.
            “Does this feel as right to you as it does to me?” Jack asked in a low voice.
            Laine’s voice failed her and her heart flip-flopped.  All she could do was nod.  His fingers traced lazy circles on her shoulder, and she suddenly remembered he was injured.  She sat up and looked at him in dismay.
            “Did I hurt you?” she asked.
            When she reached for the bandage he grabbed her hand.  She bit her lip as he shook his head and kissed her palm.  Heat flooded her cheeks, and other parts of her, as she realized he was still inside her.
            “No, you didn’t hurt me,” he said in a low, husky voice.  “But, you could still kiss me and make everything better, if you felt so inclined.”
            Laine didn’t need a second invitation.  She’d wanted to kiss him for so long it seemed, and now he wasn’t pushing her away.  When his tongue demanded entrance to her mouth she gave it, and a soft moan escaped her as desire began to pulse through her yet again.  Her eyes flew open and she looked at him in surprise as he hardened inside her.
            “Well, lookee there,” he said, with a wicked smile.  “I’m better already.”


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That's a sexy excerpt for me to be reading during the Superbowl!
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That is one hot excerpt. No power outage for this one.
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