Sunday, February 3, 2013

Conspiracy Theory: What’s up with the Denver Airport? By Dina Rae

For almost two decades conspiracy buffs point their fingers at the Denver International Airport (DIA), screaming anything from ‘New World Order’ to ‘Devil Worshipers.’  So what’s all of the fuss about?
Denver’s citizens were suspicious from the onset.  Denver already had a first class airport, Stapleton International, with six runways.  Simply put, the need for another one wasn’t there.  DIA was built anyway, but with five runways.  Conspiracy was born.
Demonic Horse at DIA's Gates

The airport’s layout brings scrutiny.  From an aerial perspective, DIA resembles the pattern of a Nazi swastika. Barbed wire surrounding the airport is positioned to keep those inside the airport instead of away.
Another oddity revolves around the enormous, red-eyed horse sculpture that stands at the gates.  The sculptor, Luis Jimenez, died from a freak accident of a hunk of the horse statue falling on him in his studio.  Some skeptics claim the horse is a symbol of time travel.
The sculpture isn’t the only odd choice of art.  Creepy murals by artist Leo Tanguma depict coffins, the Virgin Mary holding a dead body, soldiers in gas masks, a Nazi zombie with a big sword, possessed children gathered around a plant, and plenty more.  Many interpret the art to symbolize New World Order (NWO), a conspiracy theory about an inner circle ruling the world and exterminating those who they deem as useless.
No such thing as New World Airport Commission

Speaking of New World Order, did I mention a Freemason capstone inside of the airport?  The granite monument has “New World Airport Commission” engraved.  One problem.  There isn’t a New World Airport Commission in existence.  Could the capstone be a nod and a wink to Freemasons and Illuminati?
The most talked about part of DIA is the tunnels and buildings underneath the runways.  The U.S. government denies the five buildings are underneath the runways, but too many people contradict their claim.
Some say this underground structure will be used as a retreat for FEMA, the inner circle, and other high-up officials for when the SHTF (prepper for sh@t hits the fan).  Supposedly, the buildings and tunnels can hold up to 5 million people.  Others believe the buildings act as gas chambers or secret areas for executing rebels of the New World Order. 
During construction, the laborers were constantly being dismissed.  Many believe the architects did not want anyone to be too familiar with layout.  Plus, the workers are not allowed to discuss their work. 
The most bizarre theory that I read about the tunnels stated they were used to house an alien race.  Is Roswell somehow tied in? 
Some of the murals inside of DIA
Here’s one last foot for thought.  Queen Elizabeth II and other high-ranking diplomats have purchased tracts of land near DIA.  Coincidence?   For an interesting conspiracy read check out The Last Degree.


Debby said...

Interesting post. Left me with food for thought.
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Catherine Lee said...

REALLY? I have a regular who comes into my Library who is very into conspiracy theory. I'll have to ask him about DIA...after he shows me pictures of his time travel machine that he built at his house...I'm just saying.
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