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Writing in the Gaps & Book Give-Away

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Writing in the Gaps by Wanda DeGolier

For most writers, writing is a hobby. Even for those lucky enough to get a contract with an advance, those who have been there warn us, "Don't quit your day job."

So how are fully employed mothers and fathers, husbands and wives supposed to make it happen? When do we write? And let's not stop there. Once published, we have to promote ourselves. Yep, we must maintain a website, blog, do social media, and on and on. And don't forget to read. Remember what fueled your writing passion to begin with?

If we can't fit eating healthy and daily exercise into our days, where does writing fit in? Before or after the laundry? When everyone else in the home is in bed? Before work? To what lengths do writers go to make it happen?

I queried my friends and found many of them squeeze writing in at night when the rest of the family is asleep. Some, with children at home, write while their kids nap. Others set aside lunch breaks or get up early. Still others have specific times of the week, say one day they can write, while others grab time where they can.

A few, I'm not among them, become militaristic, they close doors and put headphones on refusing to interact with kids or husband. One tells the story of a fire fighter having to interrupt her because her apartment building was on fire. That's a woman on the edge!

So we have this fire in our bellies, and only get gaps of time, sometimes as short as five minutes, how does a writer get into the mindset and create. Is it even possible?

One famous writer made notes on napkins while she worked as a waitress. If you're not quite that focused, here as some tips:

Some writers say they use music to quickly set the mood. It helps put them find their voice and transports them into another setting quickly. Others say music is distracting.

Okay, this isn't mentioned often, but I've found it effective. When I meditate it generally calms my wandering mind and helps me to stay focused on my goals.

Sometimes it helps when writers to have external motivation. There are many competitions that challenge the writers to write, say, one hundred words a day. Being part of something bigger often works as a good reminder.

Setting Goals:
Having goals helps many writers to stay focused. For a goal to be good, it must be something the writer can control, say submitting a manuscript, versus something she cannot, such as getting a contract.

Plan Your Time to Write:
Even if it's fifteen minutes, deciding to write each day will help keep your head in your story. Otherwise, you may find you have to reread what you've written, thereby taking half your time.

What I've learned is there is no golden bullet. Without the luxury of writing full-time, writers must add the task of learning how to be productive in little windows of time. Yay! We can add time management and focus to our list of skills.

Wanda DeGolier is proud of her recently released novel: Mustard on Top. Mustard took several years and many versions before she sent it to publishers. It had been set to release with one publisher that went out of business a week before it was supposed to release. Wanda took six months to edit it again before submitting it to Books To Go Now. They snatched it up and finally, it's been freed from the confines of Wanda's brain.

Mustard on Top is a playful, romantic suspense novel about one man's quest to establish a relationship with his seventeen-year-old son and the woman he'd been forced to abandon. What he gets is redemption, renewal, and relish on a whole-wheat bun.

Please read and enjoy!


chris karlsen said...

Hi Wanda,

Good article. Funny story about the writer interrupted by the fireman.
Chris K.

Debby said...

Hi, Loved your post. I guess some people feel they really need to set aside some time for writing. I love the title of your book and how the blurb goes.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Catherine Lee said...

I recall on a blog once an indie author lamenting how much time, much more than she had expected, she had to spend on marketing and self-promotion. Even if you CAN find time to write, when will you find time for the other??
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com