Sunday, September 9, 2012

R Excerpt, Private Pirouette, Lila Munro

“Let me be certain I understand you correctly.” Alec cleared his throat and swallowed a boulder. “You take off your clothes for a living, and you’re still a virgin?” He was conflicted.  On one hand, that thought made him even hotter. On the other, it was a bit daunting to think he might actually get the privilege of being her first lover.
“Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying.  I’m still intact. I’m a twenty-four year old virgin.  I’ve no idea what I’m doing further than being able to get a man excited.” She sighed and flopped back on the bed. “I’ve no clue what an orgasm feels like and probably wouldn’t know it if I had one.”
Alec fought the monster rearing its ugly head from somewhere deep down. The prospect of being able to show her what she’d been missing out on was indescribable.  He pushed back on the bed and lay on his side next to her with his head propped up on his palm.
“Okay, being a virgin is one thing, but you’re telling me you’ve never had an orgasm? You never…”
“No,” she snapped. “And don’t make fun of me.”
“I had no intention of making fun of you. I just thought everyone did that,” he said quietly, running the back of his fingers down her cheek. “You know we could remedy this problem.”
She turned to face him and propped her head up so they were looking into each other eyes. “I can’t chance it. What if I get pregnant?”
Always the logic with this one and none of the fun risk. “You do realize there are ways of preventing that, one of which I have plenty of in the bag from…” He stopped abruptly realizing exactly how that sounded and it was exactly what it looked like.
“You bought condoms at the liquor store?” With her eyes glazing over with what Alec could only surmise was a mixture of disgust, rage, and hurt, she flopped to her back and stared at the ceiling. “Unbelievable. You planned this.”
“Planned it?” he countered. “You’re one to talk. Just what was that little twist and squirm all over my dick at the club. You were getting as hot as I was.”
“You paid for that,” she argued. “You shouldn’t have expected a quick fuck was part of the deal.”


Catherine Lee said...

A 24 year old virgin erotic dancer?? AHHHH...fiction is such a wonderful thing! LOL. I love the premise...
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Debby said...

This sounds a bit different. Could be interesting.
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