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Agatha and Moe Interview & Book Give-Away

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Mustard on Top

Mandy-Rachel Hines Interviews Agatha and Moe

The following is a transcription of Mandy-Rachel Hines Interview with Agatha Cashman and Moe, friends and business partners of Helen and Ben Smiley. Helen Smiley (of Mustard on Top fame) is the owner of an illustrious chain of hotdog stands.

Mandy-Rachel: I'm Mandy-Rachel Hines and I'm here with Agatha Cashman and Moe… Moe it dawns on me I don't know your last name.

Moe: Just Moe like Cher and Madonna.

Agatha: (chuckles) Old habits die hard.

Mandy-Rachel: Okay. So, Agatha in the story, you urge Helen to turn Hot Diggitys into something more. You bring up, and are quite pushy about, the idea of franchising. Are you sure surprised by the way Hot Diggitys has taken off?

Agatha: Not really. Helen's recipes are unique and the concept of gourmet hot dogs is something most people like. I am surprised that I convinced Helen to try.

Mandy-Rachel: This a question for both of you: What is your favorite hotdog?

(Agatha and Moe look at each other and smile.) Agatha to Moe: You go.

Moe: Hands down the DerFoodle.

Mandy-Rachel: Darn, Hot Diggitys had stopped production of those before I could try one.

Agatha: I shouldn't admit this, but we get Helen to make them just for us.

Mandy-Rachel: Oh? Does that mean she might bring them back to the product line.

Agatha: No, the liability issues are to great.

Moe: That's not all that's great.

(Agatha smacks Moe on the leg.

Mandy-Rachel: You two really do act the way you're portrayed in Mustard on Top. Now that you've helped launch a successful chain of restaurants, what's next on the horizon for Agatha and Moe?

Agatha: Well, Moe's been introducing me—

(Moe clears his throat.) Moe: Don't you think we ought to leave a little mystery for the readers?

Agatha: You mean like your last name. Or real name.

(Moe winks at Agatha.)

Agatha: No plans yet, but stay tuned and eat your veggies.

Wanda DeGolier is proud of her recently released novel: Mustard on Top. Mustard took several years and many versions before she sent it to publishers. It had been set to release with one publisher that went out of business a week before it was supposed to release. Wanda took six months to edit it again before submitting it to Books To Go Now. They snatched it up and finally, it's been freed from the confines of Wanda's brain.

Mustard on Top is a playful, romantic suspense novel about one man's quest to establish a relationship with his seventeen-year-old son and the woman he'd been forced to abandon. What he gets is redemption, renewal, and relish on a whole-wheat bun.

Please read and enjoy!


Debby said...

I always find character interviews interesting. You meet them on a different level.
Great job!
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Wanda DeGolier said...

Thank you. You win the story of your choice from or Visit them and let me know what you'd like. You can email me at me at wandadegolier dot com

Catherine Lee said...

Mustard AND Relish on a whole wheat bun? Can't have relish without mustard...
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