Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yipee! Confetti for Crimson Footprints

Here's a couple of my favorite reviews for my debut novel, Crimson Footprints as found on Amazon. The print version debuts on July 30th, 2012: 

Romance at its Best
Shewanda Pugh describes her debut novel as a "literary romance," and after reading and thoroughly enjoying it, I can say with conviction that she has artfully mastered the skill of storytelling. Her characters are genuine and complex. The story that she presents is real, and the issues wrapped in that story and in those characters are authentic to real life situations.

She presents her readers with the story of forbidden love, comparable to a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet. In her version, Romeo is Japanese and Juliet is a bi-racial blend of black and white. The two come from different worlds, but still find that ounce of magic that sets them down the path of passion, devotion, and above all, true love. The secondary stories that Pugh includes in the novel add substance to the story, laying out the consequences and outcomes that result from the way in which an individual chooses to live his or her life. All characters in the novel demonstrate an evolution from start to end, especially the heroine, Deena. It was both a joy and a frustration to follow her path of self-discovery and self worth.

Crimson Footprints is a very good read and highly recommended. It's nicely paced, never a dull moment. The essence of the story is heightened not only by the emotion and beauty of the story, but also by Pugh's ability to set the scene through her use of imagery. I loved every word, every sentence, and every page of this book. Her debut novel is definitely one of my favorite reads this year, and I can honestly say I cannot wait to read what's next from Shewanda Pugh.

Jamee Pritchard, The Kindle Book Review

Crimson Footprints
I had my doubts when I started reading this book - the very beginning seemed somewhat bleak - I'm SO happy that I continued past the first few pages. The story felt familliar because it was a love story and love transcends all - but at the same time - new because of the cultural and socio-economic differences. I can't wait to see what stories this author will write in the future. Really exceptional read.
Sabrina (Los Angeles, CA)

Loved It!
Wow! Yes, that is the word. I opened this book expecting nothing and I ended up with everything. Literally. This book hooked me from page 1 and never did my attention falter. The book is just so refreshing. It's so fresh and new, the concept unexplored, at least as far as my reading is concerned.

This is an underdog (said so, because the book is not high in the ranks or popularity while it clearly needs to be out there) which has much to offer. It has got them all, the touches of reality, the romance, the humor, the seriousness, everything. It is one of those books that captures you in a way so unexpected and just takes you with itself for a ride.

The concept is like a breath of fresh air. You keep on thinking what would happen next but it's so unpredictable, just like life. It's so real, the setting, the people, the situation, the whole book. It just doesn't feel like a book, it's like viewing someone's life from the outside, almost being a part of it.

The characters are very well-sketched, there is no inconsistency and you feel like you know them all intimately.

I loved the humor, it's so real and fresh.
Pragya (India)

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