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Get SHAME Free!

Interested in getting SHAME for FREE? Anyone who writes an honest review on Amazon for the following novels and likes my facebook page (you will need to private message me with your email address and a link to your review to receive your prize) will receive a kindle copy (or PDF for those who do not use kindle software) on August 1st (Release date of SHAME!) as well as on a digital copy of either Lost Love, Broken or Dark and Dangerous the day of their review July 7-10, 2012 (allow 24 hours for me to respond to your facebook request! Please specify which of the three mentioned books you're interested in.)

Books you can review (no purchase necessary):

C I N:   

The debut novel of the C I N series. 

The Doctor said I should be dead.

My heart beat furiously. I looked up at the flashes of lightning in the sky. Yes, I should be dead.
Why wasn’t I?

What Shelfari Readers are saying about C I N:

..Found it a very engaging story from the get-go… I will recommend that my older teen daughters read this book as well.” Nicole N.

“I loved how fast paced this story was and how original the plot came out to be.” Maryam H.

“A real page turner…” Susan S.

“C I N is one of the best books I’ve read lately.” Luiza N.

“Excellent book! I can’t wait for an addition to the series as the characters get you so involved and they are so complex! It is definitely a ‘can’t put down’ book!” Kia

“C I N is a totally new paranormal concept with intriguing surprises that will have you guessing to the end. Great young adult read!” Sailon

“Honestly, I had a hard time putting it down.” Melinda Dawn C.


Story 1 
The first short story in the C I N Series Shorts. This story follows Donna and her course of treachery. It also explains how the warehouse kids were created...

Donna Denning follows the back story of Lisa's Aunt Millie and her twin brother Jimmy. These stories take place prior to Lisa's conception.
Story 2

The second short story in the C I N Series Shorts. After her parents' death, Amber is determined to get her life together and move on. The last thing on her mind is finding romance  no matter how hard Jimmy tries to persuade her otherwise...

This is the story of how Lisa's parents meet and fall in love... How will Jimmy convince Amber to stay with him?

Story 3

The third short story in the C I N Series Shorts. Millie and Pete have been together since high school. Millie loves Pete and Pete loves Millie. He still shivers whenever they kiss.

If Pete loves Millie so much, why's he calling her Marie?

After you've written a review for one of the above, 'liked' my facebook page, sent a link of your review, an email address and a request for a copy of either Lost Love, Broken or Dark & Dangerous, you also get (with the promise of an honest review when finished reading) SHAME on August 1st, 2012!

Read an Excerpt:

       The Walk of Shame

            I took a deep breath.
            The checkered floors were blue and cream. Scuff marks showed more on the cream tiles. It’s funny what you notice sometimes. I shouldn’t be looking at the floor. I should be going to class.
            But, who could face them after what I did?
            “Sell out.”
            I ignored it.
            Still not going to respond…
            “Watch your back, Clari Hawk.” Heather slammed into my shoulder. I stumbled backwards.  Everyone—that used to be my friend too—giggled. They dropped poppers at my feet.  I recoiled, banging into a metal locker.
            More laugher…
            Heather turned and glared at me. “Bang, bang, Clari.” She threw a popper on the ground. I jumped. “Loser,” she grinned. Her eyes flickered. I followed them. Jeff stood at my locker.
            My face burned. I couldn’t swallow.
            Heather clapped her hands, motioning for everyone to follow. “I think it’s time for the greatest break up ever.” Her words cut. “It’s about time, don’t you think Clari?”
            I couldn’t look up. My eyes blurred.  Everyone stamped their feet and pounded the lockers. It was deafening.
            Until yesterday, Heather had been my best friend. Though, I don’t know why exactly. She wasn’t anything like me. Her hair was blond, her eyes hazel and she even had a beauty mark on her face like Marilyn Monroe. All the guys loved her and she was the head cheerleader. I was olive complexioned with brown hair and I would rather spend my day searching for awesome indie bands and books than be caught dead with school spirit. Still, she didn’t do anything wrong—I had.
            “Hi Heather,” I forced a smile. She turned her back.
            “Don’t dare speak to me,” She snapped, disappearing into the bathroom. I wanted to    follow her and tell her how sorry I was—but, there was someone else in my life that I still had to lose.
            Jeff frowned. His fingers held my lock tightly. Did he want to pelt me across the head with it?
            I used to love school—especially first period. That’s where I usually spent my days with Jeff. Since the second grade—I loved him. It started after he stuck up for me when my twin brother Max tossed dirt in my face at the playground. Jeff had soft brown eyes and a bowl cut back then. Now, his deep brown eyes bore through me and his hair was long and tied back. He loved to surf and skateboard. I was supposed to see him compete this weekend but—that’s probably not going to happen now…
            This was it; the end of us. At least he’d been mine all this time. I couldn’t really complain, right? How many school romances lasted till their senior year? What seventeen year old could say, hey I got to spend my life with the same best friend and the same guy. How could he still give me butterflies after all these years?
            “Are you breaking up with me?” I blurted. My heart pounded and my knees trembled. He just leaned against the metal with his fingers frozen around my lock. “Jeff,” I mumbled, holding back the tears, “please, you have to believe me—”
            “You don’t get to cry!” He shouted. People glared, shaking their heads at me. “You,” his eyes watered, “you don’t get to cry. I do.”
            “Jeff!” I could barely say. He stormed down the hall punching the lockers with his fist. Doors flew open and he shoved someone out of his way. He stomped up the steps and threw his book bag on the ground. I ran over to the stairwell, picking it up. I cradled it as if it were him.
            I couldn’t swallow.
            “Don’t touch my bag!” Jeff leaned over the railing. “Get away from my stuff and stay away from me!”
            “While you’re at it, why don’t you move schools too?” Heather stood beside me. “Give me that. We don’t need you touching anything of ours ever again.” She snatched Jeff’s bag and put it on her back. “Think about moving, Clari. I’d really like it if you would get as far away from me as possible.”
            I fell to my knees.  “You don’t mean that,” I held back my tears, “You’re just mad at me right now. You’ll see.”
            “I HATE YOU!” She screamed. Her face burned red. “Go away Clari, please just leave.”
            I stood, barely able to. I glanced at the fire exit.
            “Yeah, go for it.” Heather turned away from me, “and don’t come back.”
            I slammed my body against the exit doors with all my might. The alarm filled the halls. I just ran, never looking back. It wouldn’t be the first time I skipped school—but it would be my last. I didn’t need to graduate or go to college. Max would never get to go with me now. That was my fault too, I guess. Was anything these days not because of me?
            “Clarissa Anne Hawk!” My mother shouted. She stood on our porch with her hands pressed against her hips. “What are you doing?”
            “I can’t be in that school right now.” My lip trembled, “Mom, it’s horrible. Heather and Jeff—”
            “It’s what happens when you destroy lives out of boredom.” My mother snapped. She motioned for me to go inside.  I stood my ground. “Get inside—now.”
            “You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore.” I resisted.
            “Then find somewhere else to live. In fact, you’ll be eighteen in two months why not do me a favor and leave early so I don’t have to kick you out?”
            “You wouldn’t want to look bad in front of the neighbors?” I acted stunned, “What would they say?”
            She shot me a narrowed glare, “There’s nothing you haven’t done that could ever make me look bad.”
            “I’m quitting school.” I told her.
            “What’s the difference?” Her eyes watered, “You’re headed down a very dark path.” She unlocked her car, “How could you do this, Clari? You’ve destroyed our family.”
            “Mom,” I sobbed into my arm. “Mom, mom, mom,” I cried, folding myself into a ball.
            I just lay there in the dirt.
            Her tires crunched dead leaves. Did she even look back at me? Was she going to run me over? Would she ever forgive me?
            Have you ever done something to make everyone you love hate you? It feels like being trapped in a glass bottle or a pit that gets deeper each time I try to dig myself out of it. My biggest fear is that there’s no way out. A trap is a trap right? If you can be ensnared then there has to be an escape, right? There has to be because I can’t live like this.


Molly said...

I absolutely love the cover on Shame! Thanks for telling us about this :)

Stormy said...

WOW! That's intense! What in the world could she have done that made the people who were supposed to love her...not??? Thanks for sharing!!