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Beth Boulanger is the heroine of LIVING THE LEGACY, book #3 of my Legacy Series. She's a small town woman who is swept off her feet by handsome Collin O'Shea. Her sheltered life has not prepared her for the dangers that lie ahead, but she is determined to meet those challenges, as evidenced in this excerpt from LIVING THE LEGACY...

Beth pressed her hand against the ache in her chest as she stared at the splinters of boards that had once been her café.  Her dream of being an independent businesswoman had been literally blown apart in a madman's moment of revenge. 

She fought the temptation to slide back into the mindset of the awkward girl she had been in school. Afraid to reach out and make friends. Yearning to join in, but not sure how. 

The café had shown her how to join in, even if it was in the little town of Halo. Where did she go from here?

"I want to rebuild." Mayor Audrey Chambers came to stand beside Beth. "How about you?"

Hope flickered in Beth's heart. Perhaps her dream wasn't dead. 

"But better than ever," Audrey continued. "In many ways, building new is easier than remodeling. We won't have to worry about dry rot or leaky pipes or electrical wiring that might catch fire. What do you think?"

Once again Beth's dreams took flight. She had longed for the space to expand her restaurant to include decorating cakes and making other gourmet desserts, and maybe even include a gift shop. Perhaps now was the chance to do that. "I think it's a wonderful idea. Count me in."

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