Sunday, July 8, 2012

Split Personality FREE Right NOW!

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Photography credits:
Ember Compton (The author's little sister!)

When the one you love turns you against yourself...



I just want to run
if you really knew me
you'd be done
and want to flee
away from my sight
cause I am not what I seem
so go ahead and take to flight
and let me slide back into a dream
where I am not so empty and alone
Where love I do own
But reality bites me
cause no matter how much I want it
it will never be
Something must be wrong with me
I want to run from you
I want to paddle out to sea
cause I can't bare to take what you are about to do
cause no one could truly love me for me.
So I know I am only going to drown in my own misery
for everything you say and do
hurts my heart
cause I know you don't love me
I want you to but you won't
and who you think you know
you don't
cause I am hidden behind a mask
waiting for the war to end
waiting for someone to ask
me where I want them to send
my shattered heart.

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