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Blind Heat Game and Giveaway Part 4 (adult)


Welcome to a some cool fun for a hot Sunday. To celebrate the release of Blind Heat, the second book in my Pantherian Passions series, I've set up a little game related to the story.

Our hero, Marcus St. Germaine has a habit he hasn't been able to kick. At the start of Blind Heat he gives into temptation and this time it gets him into trouble. I'll be sharing the first chapter in blog posts throughout the day. At the end of each post, I'll show you a picture and tell you the name of the blog where it's hidden. Simply email Master Bond ( the kinky French Chef from The Dungeon Gourmet) lemarquis.debond on telling him where you found the picture. For every correct answer you send in, you'll get your name in the hat. The prize is your choice of my backlist:

The Tiger's Tale (First book in the Pantherian Passions Series)
The Dungeon Gourmet
Snatch Me

I'll announce the winner Monday morning on the Words, Women, Wisdom blog.
 Happy Hunting and good luck. I'll be checking back throughout the day, so if you have questions, leave them in the comments and I'll be along shortly with an answer.

Blind Heat: Excerpt 4

Another quick round of mental peeping Tom defined his options. The webcam was on and they’d moved to voice chat. “Oh, ain’t you a pretty thing? I could just eat you right up.”

And while it was true, eating, or licking to be exact, fit with a few of the fantasies flickering through the guard’s thoughts, the one that kept replaying was the idea of taking charge. He wanted to demand she strip for him. He was trying to decide how far he could push without scaring her off.

While looking into thoughts was useful, he couldn’t influence whatever was to happen between the pair, that would require face-to-face interaction with the subjects. All Marcus needed was for the guard to get aggressive and end things before they got going. All the more reason to work fast.

The hybrid’s presence nudged at his mind, but he turned his energy to blocking her. Distress was a distraction he didn’t need as he contemplated how best to reach her. Coming into a hybrid research facility blind, with no plan or backup, put all Pantherians at risk of discovery if he was caught. Certainly, the high council would never sanction his rescue missions. All the more reason to leave them unaware.

Now he just needed to choose his path. None of the available routes to her were ideal. Marcus padded through the warehouse, assessing options, mentally mapping details as he went. The main hallways would have security cameras. That left the elevator or the stairs.

A glance through the narrow window revealed no security camera in the stairwell. The staircase was louvered metal of the type catwalks were made from, the walls mottled concrete. He’d monitor the guard’s attention and know if it shifted, if something drew him to inspect the stairwell. If Marcus were to crouch motionless, his coloring would render him invisible to all but the keenest eye. Certainly a distracted guard wouldn’t notice, and the guard was distracted nearly to oblivion, not that Marcus could blame him. The guard’s words distracted him too.

“Unbutton your blouse for me,” the guard said, using a tone that was neither demand nor plea. Soft and heated. Good choice.

The female responded with a soft sigh that resonated submission. Marcus knew he shouldn’t watch, but the sight of slender fingers slowly unbuttoning a creamy lace blouse was hard to tune out. Her painted nails were just the shade of rose Marcus imagined her nipples would be. The edges of her blouse parted to reveal the spot where a charm on the end of a gold chain dipped between her breasts and disappeared behind the lace edge of a black bra. Marcus and the guard swallowed in unison.

Marcus was close enough to hear the quickening of the guard’s heartbeat, the shift from sighs to pants. The hiss of a zipper sliding down. His own body responded with a tightening in the groin. His tongue twitched with a craving to lick.

The faint, keening cry of the hybrid upstairs worked like a slap to bring Marcus back to task. While the guard leaned in for a closer look, stubby fingers tightening around his cock, intent on his own mission, Marcus concentrated on the options available.

On the eastern wall was the loading dock door that opened on the back parking lot and the woods that bordered the park. At the northwest corner of the warehouse area, an exit light glowed above the door to an emergency stairwell. Stairs weren’t easy to navigate in a leopard body. Elevators were faster but claustrophobic. He took the stairs.
The sections were narrow but short. He could easily leap the distance between each set. Grated steel dug into his paws with each landing. The smell of damp, mold and death clung to the pores in the cinderblock.

On the top floor he pushed through the door and flattened himself against the gray-speckled tiles in the hallway while he regained his bearings. He held his tail tightly curled against his body, clamping down on the urge to let it twitch with his agitation. The containment lab was a few feet away, across the corridor from the stairs. A small chrome box was mounted above the door latch—a red light glowed behind a translucent black rectangle in the center. Recognition landed in his middle like a well-aimed kick, forcing the air from his lungs.
White Kittens

You'll find these little ladies hiding out at Words, Women, and Wisdom.

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