Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Most Obvious Question IR Authors Get Asked...And My Answers

From the Author of Crimson Footprints
1. Why do you write interracial romance? Do you have a thing for men of other races?
A. As it turns out, I have a thing for men. I think men of all races are attractive. Some painfully so. Who cares what race he is? Not me.

2. Have you ever dated someone outside your race?
A. Yep.

3. Is that the reason you write this stuff?
A. No. For the record, I've done other things, including eating, sleeping, and showering daily. I have no forthcoming books on that, either.

4. Man, you're snarky! What's that about?
A. Genetics, mostly.

5. Are you like any of the characters in Crimson Footprints?
A. I'm like most of them in some small way. I tend to take small internal things, magnify them, and create three dimensional characters with some small trait as the nucleus. For example, Deena Hammond has an obsession with serving as a role model and story of success. Tak is playful. Daichi is a jerk. I tend to be all those things.

6. What do you read?
A. Depends. Right now, I'm suffering from dystopian romance syndrome. Symptoms include constant cravings for all things Hunger Games, Divergent, or otherwise seemingly hopeless.

7. You still seem kind of snarky. What are you going to do about that?
A. My bad. Hoping they'll make a pill for that.

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Ruthanne Reid said...

Love your answers. And no, you're not THAT snarky. Just very honest! :D

Shewanda Pugh said...
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Shewanda Pugh said...

Thank you Ruthanne. I have that disease, you know. The one where honesty spills forth even when candor is offensive.

Ruthanne Reid said...

We need more of that. Here's to hoping it's communicable!