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In his role as a police sniper, one flicker of emotion could cost a hostage their life. So Collin O'Shea has become a master of control, evident in the opening scene of LIVING THE LEGACY.

"Negotiations had dragged on for two hours while Collin lay motionless on his belly on this high desert ridge. His stillness and the camouflage pattern of his uniform blended into the sagebrush so well the rock chucks had cautiously peeked their noses out of their underground burrows."

Yet he has a soft side when it comes to family and especially his wife, Beth, as shown in this later excerpt from LIVING THE LEGACY. 

"When he slid into his vehicle and started the engine, Collin sat for a moment and stared at the windows of the house he shared with Beth. He imagined her in the kitchen measuring ingredients and then stirring them carefully into a bowl. Cooking and tasting and seasoning a dish to perfection.

"How could watching a woman fix pasta be sensual? With Beth, it was. As if the woman invested part of her essence into each food she prepared, and sharing that food filled more than his belly, but also filled his heart with love. 

"He set aside the urge to run back into the house like a little boy and swirl Beth around and around in his arms, as had become part of their silly habits. 

"When he returned, he promised himself, he would hold Beth in his arms and let their hearts meld into one."

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