Sunday, July 8, 2012

Giveaway Time!

I have a confession. I love discounts, favors, freebies, coupons, early bird specials, and virtually anything that makes me feel like I got something you didn't. That said, here's something that can serve the same purpose for you: an eBook copy of Crimson Footprints in the format of your choice. Here's the deal. In order to win a copy, you must post a reply on this thread. A reply to what? Teehee. Pick one:

1. Famously hot guy or girl (I don't judge)  from a race other than your own,
2. Three super sexy traits the ideal romance hero/heroine should have,
3. Or finish this sentence. "I love me some...(romance related, of course). 

Oh, and here's the blurb in case you forgot what you were entering to win:

Crimson Footprints
When an insecure woman begins a cloak-and-dagger love affair with a Japanese American man, she is intent on keeping her bigoted family in the dark albeit with devastating consequences. On the night of her brother s murder, Deena Hammond stumbles upon Takumi Tanaka, lost and on the wrong end of a .32. After rescuing him from the certain fate driving through the hood in a Porsche will bring, a sweet kind of friendship begins. A balm for her grief. Maybe, Deena likes to think, it happened the day her white mother killed her black father. Or maybe, it was always a part of them, like DNA gone bad. Whatever the case, Deena knows that her family would never approve, hell, never acknowledge her fast-growing love for Takumi. And had he never made love to her that way, in that unraveling, soul-searching sort of way, she could've done the same. But love's a devil that way. So, their game begins. One where they hide what they are from everyone. Anyone. And Tak understands this for now. After all, Deena's career hinges on the favor of her mentor and boss, his hard-ass of a father. And the Hammond family is already stretched thin with grief. Yet, each step Deena takes toward family and career brings her closer to an acceptance she s never had. And away from him.

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Molly said...

A famously hot guy of a different race that I totally am in love with and want to have his babies (lol!) is Shemar SEXY.


Stormy said...

Hmmm, I do love some hot men! How about Tyson Beckford and Blair Underwood.

I want my hero to be confident, with just the right amount of alpha male without being over the top, I also want him to have a great sense of humor.